Bulgarian company offering manufacturing agreements of an innovative product and technology for fresh air treatment

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Summary A Bulgarian company is specialized in production of highest/premium class energy - efficient/saving solutions for ventilation and air conditioning. The innovative offered system recovers up to 100% of the extracted air's heat/cool/humidity in various buildings. The innovation is a two stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology maintaining up to 100% fresh air indoor. The sought cooperation is manufacturing agreement with partners such as cinemas, theaters, restaurants, banks, hotels, etc.
Description of the offer The activities of the Bulgarian company are related with the production of efficient solutions for ventilation and air conditioning. The main advantage of the the innovative product is the use of "2 stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology"- recovering up to 100% of the extract heat/cool/humidity. It is designed to maintain the indoor climate whenever 100% fresh air is needed. The other innovation is that the system is a monolithic solution, consisted from a climate chamber, chiller and control system. The cooperation sought is a manufacturing agreement. The company would like to produce energy efficient ventilation systems for air conditioning applicable in cinemas, theaters, discos, restaurants, museums, casinos, banks, hotels, airports, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and production areas.
Advantages and Innovations The innovative aspects of the offered system are the compact mono-block equipment, combining in one product three components - the climate chamber, chiller and the control system. The used technology could decrease the clients' expenses for service and support. Reduce the noise level, integrating noise isolated compressors in the system. The equipment could be installed and set up easy using the specially developed remote control communication. All tests and settings of the device are made by the manufacturer. The product could work till +60ºС; All these advantages are not included in the other analogue equipment available on the market. Most of the specified equipment for fresh air maintenance consist from separated components. The communication between the different modules is very complex. There is no remote access.
Technological Keywords 04007003 Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
Market Keywords 08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
Copyright Secret Know-how
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for partners interested in buying their products. They are ready to manufacture and install the innovative product in cinemas, theaters, discos, restaurants, museums, casinos, banks, hotels, airports, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and production areas. They look for a manufacturing agreement.
Date of creation 07.05.2018
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