Bulgarian company specialized in export of Bulgarian books and periodicals seeks foreign distributors.

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Summary A Bulgarian company specialized in export and distribution of Bulgarian books and periodicals is looking for partners selling to libraries, universities and institutes. The company offers books and periodicals in Bulgarian and English and is interested in building partnerships under distribution services agreements.
Description of the offer Bulgarian company, specialized in export and distribution of Bulgarian books and periodicals is looking for new international partners. It can supply all editions – books and periodicals which are published in Bulgaria. The company can make selection in different areas as per the clients’ preferences. The company was established in 1999 and is interested to reach a larger number of final clients through distributors (libraries, universities, institutes) for its products. The company have been a direct supplier to the European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation as well as a subcontractor for them. The company is looking for distribution agreements, as the most suitable way to cooperate with foreign companies interested in the field of publications and periodicals. The company's unique selling proposition are Bulgarian books and periodicals focused on areas of study such as history, diplomacy, politics, law, art, ethnology, ethnography, linguistic, belles letters, dictionaries. They can provide editions concerning the rich Bulgarian historical, cultural and archaeological heritage as well as editions for learning Bulgarian language. the company may offer many albums by and about prominent Bulgarian artists in English and Bulgarian.
Advantages and Innovations The company has a good trading history with European Commission, Directorate General for Translations since 2005. Their clients are also many libraries, universities, institutes and distributors in Western Europe, North America and Eastern Asia. Among them: Erasmus Boekhandel, The Netherlands; Houtschild International Bookshop, The Netherlands; The European Bookshop, Bruxelles, Belgium; German National Library, Leipzig, Germany; Bodlean Library, Oxford University, Great Britain; Austrian National Library, Wien, Austria; New York Public Library, USA; Green Library, Stanford University, USA; China National Publications Import Export Corporation, Beijing, China, etc. They are their main supplier of Bulgarian books, newspapers, magazines and journals. The company distribute regularly catalogs of newly-published Bulgarian books each year. It is able to fulfill orders for multi-volume sets and periodicals, etc. When requested it can make special selections of Bulgarian editions as well.
Market Keywords 09004005 Books, cards and other publishing
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking mainly to find partners under distribution service agreements. The aim is to find partners which can distribute/ sell their books to end customers. As the books are specialized literature, therefore the most suitable foreign partner would be universities, libraries, educational institutes, bookstores etc. The new partners should disseminate and distribute the company’s products among new target groups of final clients. The company is willing to cooperate with many foreign companies interested in the field of publishing materials and so as to promote their books. Their potential customers abroad are libraries, universities, institutes and other organizations which have interest on studies as Bulgarian history, East-European history, Slavic literature, Slavic philology, Byzantine literature, Byzantine philology, modern Bulgarian literature, Bulgarian and East-European art., etc.
Date of creation 28.03.2018
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