Bulgarian company specialized in the production of wafer snack seeks partners

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Summary A Bulgarian company is specialized in the production of wafer snack with different flavors. The product is free of colorants and GMO and is suitable for retail stores, catering companies and restaurants. The company is looking for distributors to represent or reproduce its products abroad under distribution agreement or license agreement.
Description of the offer A Bulgarian company offers expertise and know-how technology in the production of wafer snacks.The company is the only company producing wafer snacks in Bulgaria. The benchmark analysis shows that the company's well developed recipe of the wafer snack, does not have an analogue in Europe. The company produces a high quality product suitable for a wide range of consumers. The company is using its unique recipe, developed by the company experts. The salt wafer bites are baked in small batches with fine ingredients. The product is offered in different flavors and is well accepted among a wide range of consumers. The product is free of colorants and GMO. The company is looking for partners to distribute their products in other countries.The company is looking for partners under the following forms of collaboration: distribution agreement and license agreement. The company has worked for one year and a half to create the recipe and to develop the secret technology: know-how which is under patent. The company is registered in 2016 and since then is working on improving its product. The snacks is produced by shocking baking on small portions. The product is made only by natural products which does not allow transportation in great distance. However, the company has developed a mix of dried spices which can be offered to foreign companies. The company has experience in working with foreign partners in the food industry. It has established good contacts with Bulgarian companies specialized in the production and delivery of baking equipment which are considered to be non-standard. Thus, the company can help and support its future foreign partners by finding suitable suppliers of equipment. The company is looking for partners under distribution agreement,as it will deliver their products as per request or to provide the secret recipe under license agreement. Under this agreement the foreign companies can operate and to apply their know-how, in order to produce the above mentioned products.
Advantages and Innovations The company’s advantages: * Experience in the sector * Salesforce information * Client-oriented service * Knowledge of local market * Strict supervision system * No limit for order * Flexible servicing for frequent customers * Private label support
Technological Keywords 08001004 Food Processing
Market Keywords 05009001 Food & feed ingredients
07003002 Health food
Copyright Secret Know-how
Comments Regarding IPR Status The recipe is secret Know-how developed by the company experts.
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Bulgarian company is looking for distributors under distribution service agreement and/or license agreement. The company's goal is to expand the production of the snack. This could be done by simply distribution of their products to the foreign companies or by providing the secret mix of dried spices,thus to expand its business abroad. The companies under license agreement will have the opportunity to use the secret recipe of dried spices and the know-how to produce the product abroad and to sell it under the mentioned agreement. The Bulgarian company is specialized in the production and distribution, thus can produce and provide products as per clients' request, therefore will contribute to the above mentioned partnerships with expertise and timely actions.
Date of creation 17.04.2018
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