Chilean company specialized in engineering (production of energy) offers subcontracting/outsourcing agreement for R&D projects

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Summary The Chilean SME engineering services company specilized in production of energy, offeres its expertise to those international partners in need of this kind of technical knowhow. The kind of partnership sought is services agreement but the company is also want to take part in R&D projects. They offer services agreement and subcontracting.
Description of the offer The Chilean company has wide experience in the fields of civil work, hydraulic engineering and energy. The company expertise includes the following services: - Development of services or basic engineering, design, execution and management of engineering projects for major companies with international expertise in the sectors of energy, civil engineering. - In the field of civil engineering, they have experience in the integral management of industrial building projects, geotechnical engineering and civil work projects for solar thermal plants both at national and at international level. - They facilitate the calculation, review and optimization of building structures, make projects of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and perform structural pathology analysis. - They perform the analysis and simulation of containment structures, processes excavation, slope stability and embankments, studies of structure-soil interaction, unique structures (towers, reservoirs), foundations and singular elements. In this branch of engineering they deal with the study of the interaction of buildings with the terrain, soil characterization to determine their properties and to design solutions such as foundations, stabilizations, screens, etc. - In the field of energy, their line of activity is related to the design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of power generation plants and transmission systems, for example, solar photovoltaic power plant, hybrid solar combined-cycle plants (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle), conventional power stations and combined cycle cogeneration plants. They offer their services to private companies or public institutions that need to subcontract or outsource their engineering projects or need one of the services mencioned, with the aim of establishing services agreement. They offer services agreement and subcontracting.
Advantages and Innovations Multidisciplinary Team: they are specialized in different engineering fields, which allows for the integral management of civil energy. - Wide experience in national projects
Technological Keywords 04007001 Energy management
Market Keywords 09003001 Engineering services
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for international industrial companies from a wide range of sectors in need of subcontrating engineering services. Therefore, the kind of partnership sought is service agreement. Additionally, the company offers itself as a partner for R&D project.
Date of creation 30.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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