Components for industrial applications offered; an Italian company is looking for a subcontracting agreement

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Summary The Italian company is involved in the field of the production of components for industrial application(molds for household appliances, electromechanic, automations, illumination design, stationery, automotive sector, footwear industry). The company is interested to find foreign partners for subcontracting agreement. Partners can be from any country.
Description of the offer The Italian company was founded in 1976 and is located in the North East of Italy. The company is involved in the field of of the production of components for industrial applications. The company produces molds on demand based on the customer’s project, for the household appliances, electromechanic, automations, illumination design, stationery, and automotive sectors, footwear industry. The company support the customers throughout the production process in every stage: from the design to the implementation of the products. At customer’s arrangement: rapid prototyping service featured with advanced digital technologies; pre-series production service to test resistance, resilience and assembly; matching on components; strict testing tests to guarantee high performance and stress. The company turnover is 3 milion euro. Half of the turnover is already coming from the export activities. The company is searching for foreign industries interested in subcontracting agreements. Partner can be from any country.
Advantages and Innovations The company has over 40 years of experience in the sector. The company takes care of the whole component producer process, with no subcontractor involved. Fast delivery: The company has a massive press machines department: more than 70 press machines with a press force from 20 to 200 tons featured by high performance, due to an higher number of beats per minute than the ususal production capacity, allow wider production ranges. From the smallest to the biggest production requirements, the company ensures a quick response and the most suitable production capacity even to the most demanding customers. The company boasts the quickest delivery time in the market, because customers can use the company as their own warehouse receiving the invoice only when the products are actually used. The company has also implemented a lean production sytem in order to minimize waste and with the target to nullify it.
Market Keywords 08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Subcontracting
Type and Role of Partner Sought Foreign partner should be industries working in the mechanical sector; partners should be medium sized enterprises with a minimum 5 years of experience in the sector and 3 milion euro per year turnover. Type of cooperation: subcontracting.
Date of creation 28.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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