Composite products for the automotive/transport, healthcare, mining and energy industries made by a Polish company are offered under manufacturing agreement

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Summary A Polish company specialises in the prototyping and manufacturing of various products made of composite materials, especially for the automotive/transport industry. The firm offers products such as bumpers, wheel arches, fairings, fenders, tanks, exhaust systems and floor panels. The firm has also developed lightweight stretchers. Moreover, they are ready to create new composite products in cooperation with a partner. The company is interested in manufacturing or distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer A company located in the northwest of Poland, near the Polish-German border, has been active in the automotive/transport industry since 2012. The firm designs, prototypes and produces car parts made of composite materials. They've conducted multiple R&D projects and successfully implemented their results (including in cooperation with foreign partners): for example, their innovative rocker panels, bumpers and other elements have been used by one of the teams/companies participating in the FIA Cross Country Rallies. The firm is offering to supply composite parts for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, buses, trams etc.), including: - rocker panels; - bumpers; - front and rear wheel arches; - elements of break cooling systems; - fairings; - fenders; - tanks; - exhaust systems; - floor panels. Given their engineering knowledge, experience and equipment, the company can also design, create a prototype and manufacture other composite products and elements, not only for the automotive/transport industry but also for other industries (mining, renewable energy or healthcare). For example, they've developed lightweight stretchers and surgical tables. The firm specialises in bespoken products but can provide ready-made elements too. The material used in the products consist of a cork agglomerate as a core and carbon-, aramid- or glass fibres as reinforcement. It is lighter and more durable than other materials currently used by automakers, what made offered parts such an interesting solution for rally teams and amateur enthusiasts. Building on its success in rallies, the firm would like to expand to new (more traditional) avenues and fully utilise its experience and production capacities. Therefore they are offering manufacturing agreement to, foremost, the automotive/transport industry (mass producers of cars, motorcycle, buses, trams) and also makers of healthcare, mining or energy equipment. Role of a partner will be to order products from the available assortment or provide requirements (requested properties) regarding a new composite product so that the company can develop it. In turn, the firm will design, create a prototype and manufacture ordered products. The firm would also like to broaden its client base by entering new markets with their existing products. To that end, they are offering distribution services agreement to wholesalers and retailers of car parts, auto repair shops and suppliers thereof. Partner is expected to select and order products from the offer. The company will provide him with the list and specification of available products, manufacture and deliver them.
Advantages and Innovations Thanks to properties of the composite material with a cork agglomerate as a core and carbon-, aramid- or glass fibres as reinforcement, the offered products are: - light - 75% lighter than steel parts and 30% than the aluminium ones; - durable - products made solely of (carbon-, aramid- or glass) fibres are very brittle, but adding cork core, which is good at distributing tensions in a material, increases their damage resistance. Some of the products have up to 30 years guarantee, what only confirms how confident the firm is in their quality and durability. - good at muffing sounds and thermal insulation; - inexpensive - because cork is a low-priced raw material; - eco-friendly - because lighter vehicles will use less fuel; the composite material is recyclable; the production of cork doesn't result in emissions of greenhouse gases. Moreover, the company is closely cooperating with leading Polish universities to constantly improve their products and provide their clients with the most innovative solutions.
Technological Keywords 02007005 Composite materials
Market Keywords 05004002 Rescue and emergency equipment
06003003 Wind energy
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
09001007 Other transportation
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Manufacturing agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: vehicle (cars, motorcycles, buses, trams etc.) manufacturers, producers of mining, healthcare, energy equipment and devices; - Role of Partner Sought: to select either ready- or custom-made products. In the latter case, a partner is expected to provide requirements (requested properties) regarding a new composite product, so that the company can develop it (design, create a prototype and manufacture it). Distribution services agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: wholesalers and retailers of car parts, auto repair shops and suppliers thereof; - Role of Partner Sought: a partner is expected to order the composite parts, specify requested quantity, disseminate information about the products to his clients and to distribute them through his own channels.
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