Customer intelligence & analytics platform for chatbot era

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Summary A Spanish ICT company has developed a customer intelligence & and analytics platform that combines different information sources, including bots, in order to understand the customer behaviour and motivations helping to personalize the chatbot interaction. The company is looking for license agreements.
Description of the offer During the past decades, different communications channels have been created in order to provide a better customer care service to clients: Physical office clerks, call-center, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), web, mobile app and now chatbots. Chatbots have gained importance for all kind of customer oriented enterprises evolving beyond mechanical processes to intelligent conversational commerce, and therefore, improving communication with clients. Nevertheless, even though, all the interactions with clients or potential client are analysed, the interaction between chatbots and clients has not been taken into account yet. In fact, all the how's & when’s happened in all customer care channels matter to understand the customer whys (customer behaviour). In this context,the solution developed by the Spanish company helps to gather all those when’s, how's and find the whys, taking the most especially of chatbots (a channel particularly rich in how's). This technology solves two problem: •The need of a system combining different data sources for better customer analytics and “behaviour understanding”. •The lack of personalization of customer care, especially the chatbots which are predicted to be a mainstream enterprise-customer communication channel. The platform is a powerful system combining different info sources helping enterprises to understand and predict the customer needs and improving the customer care,personalizing the existing or new chatbots. It makes easy to analyse the impact of chatbot channel in the overall use of customer-enterprise interaction and the impact in the pre-existing channel, and it will be studied per customer segment range to define different campaigns if needed. Also it is possible to measure the impact of external phenomena in the customer care interaction usage and help to predict future needs. Whatever chatbot development, the company can easily improve the usefulness of their solution and help their customers to make chatbots the mainstream self-service customer cares system. Also, companies planning to deploy a chatbot can use the solution to evaluate the starting point and have a better picture about the customer base patterns with the historical user of customer care channels. This technology is especially suitable for enterprises very intensive in business to consumer communication: Banks, insurance companies, airlines, telcos, retailers and eCommerce. The solutions uses the following information to carry out the customer analytics: -Chatbots insights (reading/writing times, average words, typos) -History of customer care accesses (web, mobile web, apps) -Customer segmentation (age interval, education level, location, wealth, mother language, etc.) -External contexts (company news, sector news, economic news, weather, strikes, changes of regulation, etc.) Features: -Chatbot and other channel metrics collection and visualization. -Chatbot personalization advice API(Application Programming Interface) for chatbot developers. -Data feeding APIs (Application Programming Interface): Customer Info, chatbot developers, other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) interactions and external contexts applications). -Customer segment enterprise defined configuration. -CRM (Customer Relationship Management) channels enterprise defined. -External contexts to be evaluated enterprise defined. -Chatbot agnostic testing (chatbot vendor independent). The company is looking for license agreements with international partners such as chatbots developers and CRM integrators.
Advantages and Innovations -Chatbots provide a new interesting channel to improve communication with clients but until now the interaction between chatbots and client hadn’t been analysed. This is the first technology that takes into account chatbots to analyse customer behaviour. Therefore, it provides a better understanding of the client needs. -Cooperative approach with other tech vendor ecosystem: It provides no technology lock-in and no overlap with other technologies. It can be easily integrated with any other solutions providing clear synergies.
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Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Partners sought: •Customer care tech vendors eager to expand to business intelligence areas and chatbot VAS (Virtual Agent Services) tools. •Messaging apps looking for enterprise tools to monetize their chatbot channel. •Telcos looking ways to monetize MaaP(messaging as a platform RCS) and needing VAS (Virtual Agent Services) tools to engage enterprises to use RCS as a preferred channel for A2P chatbots. The role of the partner sought is to integrate this technology within their existing technologies or tech portfolio in order to offer to their clients an integrated and more powerful solution to understand consumer needs. The kind of partnership sought is license agreement.
Date of creation 08.05.2018
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