Czech battery storage device for commercial services agreement or distribution services agreement.

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Summary A small Czech company has developed a device for home energy storage. It is a single phase energy storage device containing power management ,battery pack, control, protection and communication electronic, an inverter and photovoltaic charger. The device is primarily determined for domestic usage. Commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement for companies with distributors and installers in PV sector are sought.
Description of the offer Czech battery storage device promises to revolutionise the use of intermittent renewable energy across the globe. Weaknesses in most national grid distribution systems are decreasing the scale of renewable energy that can be deployed. Adding battery storage alone allows the user to use more of their generated power but the system is constrained by the rated maximum power of their system and thus the amount of energy they can generate and store. battery device is a one phase device enabling storage of energy from photovoltaic systems into included batteries. Output voltage of the device is alternating current 230 Volt/ 50Hertz, The battery pack is able to pass minimum 6000 charging cycles. The Czech small and medium enterprise would like to establish cooperation based on a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement with companies or with distributors and installers in photovoltaic sector.
Advantages and Innovations The device has indication of all energy flows, it is very simple and users friendly. The dimension of the whole device is 1400x300x650 including baterries and it can be placed inside the house (also in the kitchen as it looks like refrigerator and meets the requirements for electric protection). Cooling is assured by air and operating temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius. The device has a simple readable relevant information about condition of the unit and a long lifetime period.
Technological Keywords 01001002 Digital Systems, Digital Representation
04001003 Storage of electricity, batteries
Market Keywords 06003002 Photovoltaic
06003010 Distributed power and grid connection
06008 Energy Storage
Copyright Secret Know-how
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Distributors and installers in PV sector are sought. Cooperation will be based on commercial agency agreement and a distribution services agreement. Most suitable for companies doing home installations.
Date of creation 24.04.2018
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