Data analytics to understand and improve the performance of people, teams and business units. Agents are sought.

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Summary A small UK company is a specialist in integrating data of different types, for example financial and personnel related. It helps organisations understand the cause and effect in measuring resources and performance, and how to better plan for improved performance. Consultants in management and human resources (HR) software and projects are sought for commercial agency agreements.
Description of the offer A small UK company has a long history in implementing digital tools in human resources and organisational management. It helps managers to find and keep talent in an objective, scientific way. In recent years, the company has added various big data and related tools to the portfolio, and combined them. Organisations find it very difficult to integrate different types of data such as sales or financial data and on the other hand, data describing where and how people work. It is all there but it is hard to gain the insight, spot the trends, and most importantly, action on the findings. The pictures below show some diagrams from a project the UK company did with a retailer with many shops. It is just numbers and bars but it is there to demonstrate that “incompatible” data from different sources can be integrated. It must be noted that all these formats and sources can vary widely and the picture would look different in each case. Still, this data retrieval can be done whilst not interfering with daily work. Another set of tools then lets the organisation to ask the questions that matter for the base line. How come certain individuals or teams outperform others. What is the cause and effect here. The root cause is often the performance of people and their relations. The UK company has yet another set of tools to survey and benchmark staff in a proven, meaningful way. It lets the organisation monitor if the actions it takes and resources it allocates, go to the right cause. It is a feedback mechanism for continuous improvement using the particular resources they have available. The UK company is seeking small businesses and individuals globally to become their agents. The agent would assist with their local knowledge, and delving into the matter of the problems that organisations face. The UK company will run bespoke projects over the internet. The agent will participate in the face-to-face aspects of summarising and taking further actions, and also maintaining the long term relationships.
Advantages and Innovations This is a specialist field with very few players. The UK company is rather unique in offering both data analytics and tools for the next steps such as staff benchmarking and talent management. This combination has helped them successfully deliver projects over the internet on several continents. There are many data analytics providers but possibly very few with such a follow-on capabilities, and they don't seem to operate internationally. The agents will benefit from profitable work in a good market segment.
Market Keywords 02007008 Business and office software
02007011 Manufacturing/industrial software
02007025 Consulting services
07002005 Other retailing
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type of partner sought: industry - Specific area of activity of the partner: consultants in HR and financial software, management information systems. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: to act as an agent for the UK company, starting, closing and following up on the projects whilst the service is being delivered from the UK over the internet.
Date of creation 17.04.2018
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