Distributors required for innovative eye drops with special properties for internal eye tissues

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Summary An Italian company trading in pharmaceutical products, with 40 years of experience and specialisation in the ophtalmic field, has developed and patented special eye drops able to cross the corneal barrier and provide the intake of vitamins to the internal part of the eye. The company is looking for agents or distributors able to provide support in introducing the product in foreign markets.
Description of the offer The Italian company, with a well-established experience in pharmaceutical and ophthalmic field, has developed innovative eye drops based on a special and patented formulation in which components provide an antioxidant, chelating and nutritive action to the internal eye tissues. The corneal barrier has always been considered physiologically impermeable and the usual activity of eye drops is limited merely to the ocular surface. Scientific work has proven, both in vitro and in vivo, that the particular special combination of the studied components allows to facilitate the penetration of vitamins and trace elements inside the cells, helping these elements to reach the most internal eye tissues, using a topical therapy which turns out to be more direct and efficient than a systemic therapy. The studied formulation has demonstrated to have significantly reduced diabetic cataract by 40% and to be able to decrease optic nerve degeneration and loss of ganglion cells in patients with glaucoma. The offered medical device is able to counteract oxidative damage that causes and originates from glaucoma; it facilitates the formation of a favorable environment for the tissues’ reepithalisation in post-surgery (anti-inflammatory and metalloproteinasis- inhibiting action) and it soothes inflammation caused by ocular dryness. It has proven to be more efficient than similar and commonly used products nowadays available on the market for the cataract post-surgery corneal reepithalisation. The company is looking for agents and distributors to introduce its product in new foreign markets. The potential partner is requested to have a good knowledge of the local market, that is local regulations, laws and obligations to be respected for entering the market, included requested certifications.
Advantages and Innovations Accurate studies has demonstrated the very unique eye drops property: the product can cross the corneal barrier and provide intake of vitamins to internal parts of the eye. This is a unique property: no other eye drops currently on the market can enter the corneal barrier! This allows to consider the product not only as a common and simply eye drops but as a proper medical device, providing demonstrated benefits in tissues' reepithalisation in post-surgery and in counteracting oxidative damages which cause and originate from glaucoma.
Market Keywords 05005002 Ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat diseases
05005022 Other clinical medicine
05007002 Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
07004002 Health and beauty aids
Copyright Patents granted
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is interesting in entering new markets. They are thus looking for agents and distributors having a good knowledge of the markets where the product should be introduced. The Italian company is also opened to study, formulate and realise phytotherapeutic products, food supplements and medical devices on demand for various needs. This would allow to extend the range of the offered products (not only eye drops but also other kind of products being part of the same medical line shall be distributed)
Date of creation 09.05.2018
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