Dutch producer of sustainable additives for the animal feed industry is looking for distributors

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Summary The Dutch company designs and produces its own animal feed additives, like butyrate concepts to replace antibiotic growth promotors. It also produces slow release (coated) urea, as a replacement for soy protein and to increase milk yield. Their sweeteners, based on the vegetable protein taumatin, stimulate the appetite of the animals and improve feed intake. The company is looking for business partners in the framework of a distribution services agreement in all countries.
Description of the offer The Dutch award winning SME creates and designs sustainable additives for the feed industry. Before new products are introduced, they are routinely checked with their final customer: the animal. All feed additives are sustainable and made in their own dedicated production sites. For quality insurance, both design and production take place at the same location. The company manufacture it’s own butyrates. For some applications, sodium butyrate is required, in other situations the preference will be for calcium butyrate. The company is the only quality base manufacturer of both types of butyrate. Different types of butyrate formulation offer different kinds of benefits to the animal. The company offers a full range of such formulations. The company can also accept custom formulation challenges. Next to the butyrate concepts, it also produces its own coated slow release urea. It contains 85% urea, core-encapsulated by specific layers of hydrogenated fat. It provides an advanced and cost-effective substitution for regular protein sources.The company’s urea is an efficient source of pure nitrogen to support the protein synthesis in ruminants, and results in a more efficient utilization of the rumen fermentation capacity. Especially high-energy rations can be upgraded efficiently by core-encapsulated urea, while compensating for a negative ruminal nitrogen balance. Practical experiences with their urea show an improved feed intake and increased milk yield. For aromas and sweetener concepts, the company has developed special additives. Aromas attract the animal to the feed. They also can provide the finished feed with an identity, that is recognizable to both animals and human. Flavours however, add a corresponding taste to the aroma. It is essential to combine both; attract the animal to the feed, and at the same time, stimulate their appetite and improve feed intake. The SME’s feed additives -with a clean label- can be processed in any feed mill or premix plant. The company is offering a distribution agreement for partners with a focus on the products as described above.
Advantages and Innovations Advantages of the company's products are that all additives are sustainable, The feed products can be produced according to clients' wishes. The company has an in-house design and production Their feed additives fit into any diet
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for distributors who are able to explain the working of the products to nutritionists. It’s important to have knowlegde from and experience in agriculture. Good contacts and network in the local animal feed market and nutritional know-how are key elements. For their butyrate concepts they need distributors with a network and good contacts in their local compound feed industry and the premix industry. For their slow release urea, it’s important that the distributor has good contacts with the bigger local dairy farms, with at least 100 dairy cows. The distributor is to offer technical support for its local customers. The envisaged distributor has to pay a visit to the farms at least once a month
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