Franchisees sought by Danish developer of flexible fertilizer concept

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Summary A Danish developer of a flexible fertilizer concept which benefits farmers who grow common crops, such as wheat, barley, potato, maize, grass, broccoli, onion and rape is looking for partners who are interested in entering franchise agreements.
Description of the offer The Danish company, established in 1986, works with complex fertilizer solutions and is part of a group which develops and builds production units. There is significant experience in the company where the owner has over 48 years of experience of working with fertilizers and plant nutrients. The company has produced a fertilizer concept based on locally produced liquid fertilizers, using complex chemistry, which results in nutrients that are kept available for the plants, and not lost to leaching, evaporation or mineralisation to the same extent as traditional fertilizers. The advantages of the system include: – liquid complex formula which gives a slow release and a lower level of leaching – better utilisation of nitrogen, phosphor, sulphur, calcium and magnesium as well as trace elements, which ensures a higher yield with less fertilizer used – stronger stems = less wastage from direct contact to soil (technical term: lodging) – stronger roots = better resistance to drought and improved nutrient use – lower nitrate content and more fibres = healthier crops for human and animal consumption – energy effective production = lower CO2 impact The fertilizer products are currently produced in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, UK and China. and are also being sold in Finland, Germany, As the concept works using locally produced liquid fertilizer, they are looking for a number of franchisees world wide.
Advantages and Innovations The flexible fertilizer concept is based on complex chemistry which also contains salts, but these are tied together via complex bonds which can bind to soil particles to be taken up by the plant roots. This reduces the effects of leaching, evaporation and from being otherwise lost to the crop. Compared with traditional liquid fertilizer based on salts; Salts dissolved in water are present as free ions. Nutrients easily leach out of the growth layer, and away from the root zone. Nitrogen easily evaporates and phosphorous binds too hard. The process provides also a number of environmental advantages in terms of lower CO2 impact, reduced transport requirements due to local production and creation of employment in rural communities. The system has been tried and proven in a number of countries and with a variety of crop and farmland types, which means that it is possible to replicate in a wider number of regions.
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Type of Partnership Required Franchise Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The ideal franchisee could be: 1. A company, a fertilizer producer, with a large network in the farming community and a company that has as a goal to offer good and environmentally friendly products to farmers and to help farmers make high quality product with a sound profit in mind. 2. A big farm or cooperative with +3000 hectares of crops. The potential for a such farm is to produce high value fertilizer at raw material costs – for their own crops, and perhaps sell to others and have a new business possibility that way. A franchisee is to produce on the basis of the Danish company's recipe. Thus becoming a franchisee means investing in a production unit and to be trained to be able to produce, understand, explain and sell the fertilizer products. All fertilizers are locally produced in the country where the franchisee is placed.
Date of creation 03.05.2018
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