French company, developer of an innovative marketplace for online electric motor is looking for commercial agency agreements

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Summary French company has developed an innovative marketplace to search, buy and sell electric motors in B to B. This online platform could be seen as an ongoing exhibition for (new or second hand) electric motors. Selling on the Marketplace helps valuing and removing sleeping stocks and their associated costs. By joining the community and thanks to the innovative concept, sellers get a new showcase.
Description of the offer This fast growing French start up company has developed an innovative marketplace which could be seen as an ongoing exhibition for (new or second hand) electric motors. Based on the company's network of seller's, it brings on the platform electric motors available in Europe, Africa and Middle East. The company promote motors and provide an easy search engine for the electric motor for all industrial needs. Seller's are selected and have to pay a membership fee to access the platform and offer their electric motors. The tool guarantee immediate availability of the electric motors. Stocks are updated daily. Thanks to the integrated search engine, the client can find the right motor in just a few clicks. Buyers are in direct relation with the seller through a personal space to discuss the terms. If however clients cannot find what they need in the database (updated on a daily basis), they can benefit from a sourcing service. The company is looking for agents and distributors to promote the tool and help the company in the development of a large international network of users (seller’s and buyers). The company is already working with an agent in Germany. The company benefits from numerous years of professional experience in the electric motors of its CEO.
Advantages and Innovations Advantages for Sellers: The marketplace creates a new sales driver for all the market players (manufacturers, stockists, retailers), even for any industry with free motors for resale. Advantages for Buyers: The marketplace offers professionals a way to find and get delivered in a short notice any type of electric motors : low or medium voltage squirrel-cage motor, two speeds squirrel-cage motor, DC motor or slip-ring motors. The marketplace enters also in a circular economy approach.
Technological Keywords 01002006 Magnetic and superconductor materials/devices
01004011 Maintenance Management System
Market Keywords 08003006 Power transmission equipment (including generators & motors)
Copyright Trade Marks
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Looking for the promotion of the marketplace and its advantages in different countries of Europe, Africa and Middle-East. Role :The sales agents will strenghten the network of this company and extends their services to clients buying or selling electric motors. The potential partners should have a good knowledge of electric motors sector. The potential partners should be well introduced in the electric motor sector or in general industrial equipment
Date of creation 21.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
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