French company specialised in distribution of medical devices is looking for distributors and importers: retailers and wholesalers

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Summary A French supplier of diagnosis medical devices and manufacturer of ear specula and intravenous stand (IV-Stand or infusion holder) is looking for distributors, professional retail shops, online retailers and professional wholesalers in the EU and outside EU, which will be the trade intermediary between the French company and the final users: doctors, nurses, hospitals and every actor in the health sector. They would like to develop its sales network abroad under distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer The French company was created 33 years ago. It manufactures and distributes medical instruments and supplies. They are exclusively selling their products to professional retailers (retail shops and online retailers) and professional wholesalers, which promote and sells it to doctors, nurses, private hospitals and other users in the health sector (drugstores excluded). One the one hand, the company is manufacturing and marketing disposable ear specula (also called eartip), intravenous stands (IV stand or IV pole, it is a stand holding the serum needed by the patient under infusion), eye charts and spoon eye mask. All those products are made in France. The disposable eartips are generic models. Their difference with the original brands is the price but the quality is the same. The company is mainly well known for the disposable ear specula. The ear specula are available in different types of packaging, colors and a personalization can be done. On the other hand they distribute products for medical use and don't manufacture it. Here are the categories & range of products distributed by the company: 1/ Plastic: needle container, surgical brush, swan neck bottle in polyethylene, bedpan, kidney dish, pill cutter, inhaler, polyethylene red cap bottle with dropper, ear syringe 2/ Care-hygiene and Safety : cotton buds, lubrification silikon spray, cleaner and disinfectant for surface, dispenser box for cotton swabs, safety goggles, disinfectant wipes 3/ Immobilization: plaster shears, blades for plaster saw, stack finger splint, plaster saw 4/ Diagnosis: finger pulse oximeter, stethoscope, head magnifying glass, penlight, reflex hammer, 5/ Measure: thermometers, scales, wooden height gauge, 6/ Sterilization: stainless steel sterilization box, dry heat sterilizer, ultrasound cleaner 7/ First Aid : cold-hot compress, ice bag, mouth opener, rescue blanket, laryngoscope 8/ Furniture: infusion basket, cabinet, lamp 9/ Professional wear for the medical staff: coats, tunics, trousers 10/ Veterinary: bone saw blade, scales, needle holder, holding forceps 11/ Instruments: scissors, forceps, scalpels, curettes, speculums. The French company already exports in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, UK, Cyprus. In Africa: Gabon, Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco and in Asia: Japan. The company would like to develop its commercial network and find new distributors, retailers, wholesalers that are interested in enlarging their product offer with the products listed above. No exclusivity contracts will be offered. The company is looking for various resellers within a country.
Advantages and Innovations The company is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 : 2012 Certified. Their disposable ear tips are recognized on the market for their good value for money, they are excellent quality and half price of the original brands. They are made in France. Customized packaging on demand. They have a large warehouse (3500m2) which allows to store each reference in a high quantity and have each product available rapidly. All the orders they receive before 12 am, are shipped the same day. The qualified small team permits to be reactive and to bring entire satisfaction.
Market Keywords 05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05004004 Medical instruments
05004005 Diagnostic equipment
05007001 Disposable products
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for distributors or importers, who will introduce their products to retailers, wholesalers in contact with final customers: doctors, private hospitals and other users in the health sector (drugstores are excluded). Sales agents are not targeted. The Partner will be totally free to choose pricing policy and strategy on his local market. Most of the products are sold under the French company's trade mark, but some products can be developped on demand under white marking. The French company is ensuring after sales services, if needed. All the information about the products and brochures are provided.
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