French company specialised in welding and brazing consumables is looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreements

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Summary French company manufactures innovative, specific welding and brazing consumables. They are specialised in the supply of valuable materials and experienced in very demanding industry segments requiring high quality standards, as well as specific properties or chemistry. They are looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreements.
Description of the offer This French family-owned group, is a manufacturer of welding and brazing consumables commercialised under their brand, currently sold in many countries all over the world. To extend its markets and to be recognized in all Europe and other countries such as: Japan, China, South-East Asia, Middle-East, USA and Latin America, the company is looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreements. It is certified by very large contractors operating in various industries, such as nuclear, oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, automotive, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), etc. The branded products are sold worldwide through numerous distributors with whom the company collaborates on a long-lasting approach. The group is made up of 2 production facilities located in France, all ISO 9001 certified, each manufacturing unit being specialized. The first one manufactures arc welding coated electrodes, as well as welding wires (TIG (tungsten-inert gas welding, MIG (metal inert gas welding)) and special products, the second one manufactures brazing alloys and fluxes. Focus on their specialty, the brazing expertise: They are the last smelter located in France refining alloys for hard-brazing, as well as brazing fluxes since 1948. They present the most complete range dedicated to hard-brazing applications. Existing for over half a century, they were pioneers in the manufacture of copper-phosphorus alloys for brazing. Today, they are the French leaders of this industry and they continuously innovate in new brazing processes or alloys. Benefiting from the support of the group, already present in more than 100 countries in the world, they continue their mission to develop their presence on the export market. The quality of their alloys, their industrial equipment, their flexibility in the design and manufacture of alloys, give them an international recognition. Their program consists in 6 main families of materials for manual and automatic brazing. A controlled process with continuous casting allows them to propose high quality alloys, consistent and homogeneous. Thanks to a particular technology, they offer specific ranges of products especially user-friendly. They provide complete brazing solutions to meet the requirements of each of their customers, including technical advice and training. A wide range of customization of products, coating colors and packaging to their clients' brands is also available. Studies can be done on requests. Thanks to a tailor-made personalized service, the company offers a real partnership and not only a simple business relationship. Their welding expertise: They own a welding expertise and they offer a very wide range of arc welding electrodes, TIG and MIG wires and special alloys. They offer too special products and applications. Their goal is to manufacture and sell their own range of innovative consumables through their distribution network across 5 continents. They wish to expand their presence in the world in the coming years.
Advantages and Innovations Product development as per end-user specifications. Flexible production capacities. Extended range of products. Management of product identification (flagging, colour coding, etc.) and customized packaging (small spools, vacuum or neutral gas packaging, including private brands). Super clean wires for specific applications or material grades (owned standards approved by large principles). Drawing capacities of various material grades in small series. Experience of contract jobs. Two R & D departments (one of them was certified by SAFRAN) and the commitment of their staff allow them to provide innovative and very high quality products and services and to satisfy their customers. Engineers or technicians are at the disposal of their customers to share their knowledge, either inter or intra-company. Various welding training programs have been developed to meet the requirements of their customers. Their duration varies according to the basic level of the trainees and the objectives to be achieved. Their specialists regularly appear at international conferences. Here are some references: IIW 2011 (Chennai-India); NACE 2011 (Oman); BHEL 2010 (Trichy-India); IIW 2009 (Singapore); NWS-2009 (Mumbai-India) ...
Technological Keywords 02002001 Cleaning (sandblasting, brushing)
02002002 Coatings
02002007 Joining techniques (riveting, screw driving, gluing)
02002010 Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planning, cutting)
Market Keywords 06001005 Storage and transportation
06009 Energy Distribution
08001012 Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
08001017 Industrial chemicals
08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Commercial agency and distribution service agreements are sought. Sales agent, resellers, distributors are sought to sell the products and services, under the brand of the French company. The future commercial agents, distributors have to be highly experienced in brazing solutions in the fields of energy, transport, automotive, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, construction, other industries such as home appliances and drilling tools manufacturers. Regarding the welding solutions, the fields targeted are following: energy, chemistry, petrochimy, oil and gas, nuclear, aerospace and aeronautics transport, maintenance & repair hardfacing: brick factories, cement plants, mines, quarries, forges, steel mills, foundries, environmental recycling, wood / paper mill, sugar factories.
Date of creation 03.04.2018
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