French tech company developing a plant breeding and research software is looking for distributors

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Summary The French company is constantly improving an IT solution to manage R&D activities in the plant breeding field. Having already a few clients in various countries over the world, the company wishes to expand its business and is looking for distributors and/or integrators of R&D software solutions in the seed industry, for a distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer The French company has been developing for 25 years a software for the following activities: breeding, variety testing, agronomy testing, analytical reseach in the seed industry. The software is designed as an industrial and collaborative tool adapted as well as for small teams of a few breeders as for large teams composed of hundreds of people in various activities. The French company is constantly improving the functionalities of the solution and the user’s experience. The end users of the software are agricultural technical institutes and cooperatives, the food industry and the seed industry. With clients all over the world, the company wishes to expand its business and is looking for distributors and integrators in the seed industry, for a distribution services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The advantages of the solution: - A solution to help take breeding decisions: DNA analysis, tissue culture, cloning, traits introgression, sequencing... all these processes generate high-throughput information on samples which need to be tracked. The solution is a database system “process management” oriented which integrates sample flow and traceability and which can bring efficiency within the department of supporting breeders. -Raw product processing into breeding objectives: reaching breeding objectives, dealing with processing constraints and consumer expectations about the final product implies to implement long term programs with a well described germplasm and efficient tools supporting decision making. -Identification of the most promising varieties and hybrids: the solution helps to obtain knowledge about the best varieties, responding to farmer sustainability, quality standards and local environmental constraints. -Varieties or hybrids response to agronomic practices: build and characterize a trial network to evaluate multi factorial agriculture practices which improve productivity, crop quality and environmental protection. Centralize all ontology on the plant breeding software and data analysis tools to respond to the farmer insights. -Seed quality measurements for breeding decision: a centralized flexible plant breeding software, which plans, tracks, stores results and produces summaries to make the work more efficient. -Variety performances for seed production: to compare varieties or hybrids with other products in various locations and define the target market, to manage the supply chain of seeds to partners to expand the client’s development network and find new sales opportunities.
Technological Keywords 06002 Biology / Biotechnology
Market Keywords 05009 Plant and animal health
05009004 Plant health
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The French tech company is looking for software distributors and/or integrators with a good knowledge of R&D management, if possible in the life, plant and animal field as the solution is designed for the following type of clients: agricultural technical institutes and cooperatives, companies of the food industry and the seed industry.
Date of creation 16.04.2018
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