German company seeks distributor for an unique cloud-controlled remote solution, operated by a high-performance robot

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Summary A German EdTech client offers a cloud controlled remote “lab” with a fully automated Robot (RaaS) that enables to experiment from anywhere via Internet. The experiments are controlled with a software-based enterprise-training platform that eases management, delivery, and measurement of organisation’s corporate eLearning programs. The solution is addressed to SME and educational/governmental organisations. Partners are sought for license, commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
Description of the offer The German education technology SME is focused on development of smart learning environment, including eLearning and technology products (software, IoT hardware) and EdTech supply services. The company has offices in several cities in Germany and is planning its expansion strategy to scale up in European and international markets. The team consists of experts in engineering, programming, learning and media psychologists as well as media pedagogic and coaching. Following the principle of share-economy the company specialized in development of long-term and repeat relationship with customers, both from industry and education sector, letting them experience the new-to-the-world-product - a cloud-controlled remote laboratory, operated by a high-performance robot. The laboratory of the future solution connects IT with real experiments that for most SMEs and educational institutes would otherwise be inaccessible for cost or technical reasons, like safety, security or access. How it works: The user inserts data of an experiment and makes observations live on real equipment by capturing, studying, manipulating, and analyzing rich experimental data, operated through an interactive 360° livestream and a proprietary enterprise training platform, also known as Learning Management System (LMS). Beside experimental opportunities, the user can take advantage of learning analytic tool, web conferencing tool and user-friendly eLearning authoring tool (video functionality, drag and drop option, code editor, responsive web-design, interactive graphic and animation, networking and gamification, including serious game based learning and awards elements). Initially elaborated for educational organizations the innovative solution has already gained interest of technology companies in terms of trainings and simulations features. Cloud-controlled remote laboratory for SME: The experimental interface records full data streams and users have the option to access and analyse the full experimental records, rather than just “snapshots” of the experiments, and to recapitulate measurements, particularly within a feasible interaction timeframe, thus giving opportunities to develop a deeper understanding than is often available in conventional laboratories. Another consideration is that users are not required to set up equipment. SME can benefit, among others, from the following: - Experimental data analysis; - Customized report; - Webinar function Cloud-controlled remote laboratory for educational institutes: The user can monitor a learning process and study progress through learning analytics-tool, which builds and evaluate tailored educational opportunities for every user. The laboratory functionality helps teachers to prepare and give a lesson more efficiently and of high quality. Through the teaching-tool, they can organise or edit different already created content topics, including videos, exams, pictures, games, etc., which users found in the online content store. In addition, they can easily integrate their prior created material. The educational institutes can benefit, among others, from the following: - Research making; - Experiment planning; - Starting a series of experiments; - Observation on real equipment. The company is looking for interested partners, such as SME/ educational/ governmental institutes who are interested to make use of this solution in terms of a license agreement. They further are looking for experienced distributors who are interested to resell the solution on their clients under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreements.
Advantages and Innovations The cloud-controlled technology is best suited for experimental activities of both, SMEs and educational institutes. Most important advantages are: - Based on share-economy approach, - Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) model - No need to set up equipment, fully automated labor - Artificial Intelligence (AI) services research (optional) - Visual Editor for designing an experiment, templates of experimental process, experiments on real physical laboratory equipment - Measure and value management - Data management - High level of information security - Statistical evaluation - High level of repeatability - Connection with cloud simulation - Supported by specialized staff - Cost saving, economy of work force - Security and safety - Standardized programming interface for different robotic programming languages - 360° livestream data acquisition - 24/7 available upon reservation - Tracking and reporting, learning analytics User-friendliness: - Available through web-browser, user friendly interface - Operated through a enterprise training platform (LMS) with user-friendly eLearning authoring tool (video functionality, drag and drop option, code editor, responsive web-design, interactive graphic and animation, networking and gamification, including serious game based learning and awards elements). The solution is currently available in a number of languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish and Persian (other languages can be integrated upon a request).
Technological Keywords 01003003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01003021 Remote Control
01003024 Cloud Technologies
Market Keywords 02006004 Data processing, analysis and input services
02006005 Big data management
02007003 Operating systems and utilities
02007008 Business and office software
02007010 Education software
Copyright Copyright
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The German company plans to expand and enter new markets in Europe. For that reason, they are looking for interested SME and/ or governmental as well as educational institutions. They are also interested in cooperation with distributors which own market relevant know-how and networks to companies of at least one of the respective industries (Manufacturing, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Energy and Utilities, Automotive Industry) or which have connection to educational/ governmental organisations (e.g. high schools, universities, research institutes, museums).
Date of creation 02.04.2018
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