German EdTech company is looking for distributor of a software-based enterprise training platform

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Summary A German company offers innovative digital solutions in the field of smart learning environment for enterprises, educational and governmental institutes, content providers and museums and is looking for distributors to represent its software-based enterprise-training platform. The so-called Learning Management System facilitates management, delivery, and measurement of an organizations corporate eLearning programs. The cooperation envisaged is under a distribution services or license agreement.
Description of the offer The German SME is focused on development of smart learning environment, including eLearning and technology products (software, IoT hardware) and EdTech supply services. The team consists of experts in engineering, programming, learning and media psychologists as well as media pedagogic and coaching. Software-as-a-Service platform for eLearning, also known as LMS, has been originally built specifically for higher educational institutions as a platform helping to teach the science and natural subjects. Over the last years the profile of companies has been considerably extended into a corporate market. The modern cloud-hosted LMS assists companies to manage all aspects of eLearning activity within their employees, partners and customers. This online learning platform suits also for content providers and training companies that sell courses and services to third parties. The platform enables to create, deliver, carry out and sell multifunctional trainings and coaching across the globe. Besides, the platform’s user can get various experimental kits or take advantage of live webinar service. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a proprietary real-time cloud numerical simulator to conduct virtual experiments, with a usage of, including, machine learning algorithms and computing mathematics. It is further supplied by ready-to-use content modules on different topics that are available on a constantly enlarged content marketplace. The content modules are presented in a form of both, open educational resources (free-of-charge) and commercial premium content resources. Modules are equipped with functional menu and various features and offer many possibilities for customization. The platform offers also integration with its own proprietary web conferencing tool for live courses. This live course functionality enables trainers to mark attendance for anyone who joins or doesn't join a required lesson, and communicate directly with users throughout the course. It is possible to upload documents on the fly to schedule impromptu live sessions. Further, the user can schedule live classes in advance, enrol people in recurring live classes, or conduct classes that run 24/7. Group trainings can be conducted with or without live stream option, with or without registration. The platform extensively uses social networking and gamification elements, including online competitions, awards, serious game based learning. Features like Chat, Comments encourage collaboration, peer mentorship, and knowledge curation, those overall supports informal training activities. The platform provides eLearning-authoring tool allowing anyone, not just computer programmers, to create and package engaging pieces of eLearning material and deliver them to the end user. The tool offers a high level of video functionality, drag-and-drop and option and WYSIWYG option. Further, user can take advantage of a digital web-based code editor and online presentation tool Prezi Next. So it is possible to save own courses. This feature gives also the flexibility to load files into any eLearning-authoring software or send files to anyone who does or doesn't have access to the eLearning-authoring software. It offers a wide array of different course creation templates that can be used to begin creating content. This is a useful feature, especially for companies that require training content but don't have an in-house designer. The ability to import Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks into an eLearning-authoring tool. This tool provides the ability to embed webpages into training content. The platform is compatible with SCORM, xAPI, AICC etc. To enter new markets the EdTech company is now looking for cooperation with experienced distributors who are interested to resell the solution on their clients under license agreements or distribution services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations Advantages of the LMS are its key features: • Cloud hosting • Extensive integrations with other tools and platforms, for example xAPI, SCORM and AICC • Proprietary eLearning authoring tool • Intuitive navigation and content creation, web-based code editor • Rich database of off-the-shelf learning content • In-depth analytics, reporting of training results • Rapid deployment through SaaS • Single-Sign-On (SSO) • Social Learning • Mobile Learning • Interactive graphic and animation • Smart use of Gamification • API • E-commerce • Virtual experiments • Free Trial • Custom Branding • Easy integration with CRM, E-Commerce, Web Conferencing, Microsoft Office • Multi-Portal Options • Unlimited Courses • SCORM Import • Bundled Course Content • Several web-formats • 360° livestream It also features intuitive navigation, nearly limitless content creation and reporting, that makes learning and training available for everyone. Additionally, the platform has a responsive web-design and is able to run in a wide range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Thanks to an integrated e-commerce tool, it is highly beneficial for content providers and training companies to sell courses to users across the web. The user can resell the self-created modules or share them (for educational institutes) and user can buy in store online products. Because of a quick integration it is also time and cost saving. Based on the goals of future user the company offers individualized API to automatically integrate content in existing or offered LMS. Learning content can be accessed anytime, anywhere, regardless of device, both online and offline. LMS is currently available in a number of languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, and Persian (other languages can be integrated upon a request).
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Copyright Copyright
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is planning its expansion strategy to scale up in European and international markets. Therefore, they are looking for partners with market relevant know-how and good connection to potential target group, such as SME, educational or governmental institutes, content providers, museums, etc. For that reason, conclusion of distribution services agreements or license agreements are envisaged.
Date of creation 21.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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