German manufacturer of proprietary neckwear seeks acquisition agreement

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Summary German fashion company, manufacturing original neckwear for man seeks an acquisition agreement. The company is appreciated for its innovation and skillful craftsmanship. The neckwear is well recognized for its posh look and is made to measure. The buyer with experience in fashion industry is expected to take over the existing business and to develop it further.
Description of the offer German designer company is seeking a successor for its business and is looking to sell the entire enterprise with an online store in a form of an acquisition agreement. The company's invention is a unique design of gentlemen's neckwear, which is being produced using carefully selected jacquard silk of the best quality. Every piece of neckwear is carefully planned, designed and made to measure. The length is always perfectly adjusted, so that it doesn't have to be corrected through binding. The classic necktie is somewhat modified, so that the new design would be stable, flexible and attractive and that it serves as a rare and an exclusive example of man's jewelry. The classic necktie is an easily identifiable piece of man's apparel, so the company offers an invention, a worldwide new accessory and adornment that enrich the appearance. The company's target were always men who are tradition and fashion-conscious, who regularly and generally tend to buy high-quality clothing, have a higher to high income and those who occasionally treat themselves with something special. Product buyers are usually those who seek high quality in production and material, customized personal service as well as those who pursue individuality and variety. Essential to the company's corporate culture and philosophy are sustainable product development and the promotion of tolerance and understanding of international culture. The owners are looking to sell the company due to the reasons of personal nature. The company is solvent and liquid, with no debts. The Trade mark is protected until 30.11.2019 and the renewal fee for the next 10 years can follow in due time. Advertising campaign is also available. The company's financial position as well as another existing but not yet realized design for a piece of furniture and company's involvement in a charity project can be discussed with the interested parties.
Advantages and Innovations The invention relates to neckwear made of textiles or flexible materials, whereby the front apron is made of at least three braided bands, with neckbands for fastening the neckwear around the neck. Two of the three bands, which are emerging from the upper part of the front apron are placed around the neck and constitute the collar. The neckwear is braided by means of plat technique. In an alternative embodiment, other interlacing techniques like for example the specular technique are possible. Neckwear designed according to this technical teaching presents the advantage that the front apron is gaining a three-dimensional depth by the interlacing and thus looks completely different from other regular neckties. An aesthetic particularity of the neckwear is that the front apron is tapered downwards, with the unique fact that the lower end is not placed centrally but off-center. Other style is available, where the lower end of the front apron may alternatively be arranged on the center. Additional embodiment exists as well, for example the one where the front apron is braided out of three already braided bands. Thus is a double interlacing arrangement achieved and it is giving the neckwear an aesthetic effect and a double three-dimensional depth. Furthermore is the handling of this neckwear simple and effortless, since the two emerging bands only need to be placed around the neck and linked together on their free ends by means of press-button, a hook-an-loop-fastener or a simple hook. The tedious tying of a knot, which is usual with the ordinary neckties isn't necessary anymore and the neckwear may be put on or taken off in a smooth and uncomplicated way.
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Comments Regarding IPR Status Trademark is protected until 30.11.2019. There is a possibility for the renewal and the fee can follow in due time. It is viable to secure the design rights as well.
Type of Partnership Required Acquisition Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought German designer is looking for an acquisition agreement for its business, which comprises the production of men's neckwear. The subjects of the acquisition are the business idea, designs, online store and other assets, which are to be discussed with potential successor. Various kinds of future partners are welcome, ranging from SMEs with less than 10 employees, to those with more than 500; it is desirable that a partner already has experience in the fashion industry, but others from different areas and fields of business and expertise are welcome. The successor is expected to take over the existing business and develop a model to his liking and the one, which will suit the current market needs. The buyer will be able to relaunch a product with his name and an unique new brand. The finale purchase price and dynamic of payment are a subject of negotiations with the potential buyer.
Date of creation 11.05.2018
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