Greek engineering company that delivers complete warehouse management system solutions is looking for partners abroad

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Summary Greek engineering company that provides complete warehouse management system solutions has implemented many significant projects and is currently looking to demonstrate its solutions abroad by undertaking industrial “turn-key” projects in Foods, Building materials & Chemical – Plastics sectors mostly under commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Description of the offer A Greek innovative company which specializes in developing and implementing production and warehouse management systems, offers a range of products and turnkey solutions (equipment and software) to the following sectors: warehouse management system, manufacturing executions system, product traceability, data collection, marking-coding, product inspection systems, weighing systems. The company with its fully organized manufacturing facilities designs, develops and offers reliable systems, satisfying the requirement for delivering complete projects (on turn-key basis). The company offers a new complete warehouse management system solution that controls all the movement and storage of materials in the warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking with handheld or weighing terminals in the field. The company provides solutions to direct and optimize stock putaway based on real-time information and monitoring the progress of products through the warehouse. A special ERP connectivity module makes the connection with any ERP easy and affordable. The Greek company has extended experience for almost 30 years so far across the world, with presence in numerous of neighboring countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Poland. Further to the sectors above, the company is also offering solutions in the fields of bulk handling & process engineering. It has already successfully implemented many significant projects (such as admixture plant, or dry mix plant, etc.) on behalf of huge multinational conglomerates. The company is currently looking to expand its activity under direct cooperation with industries, companies (e.g 3rd party logistics/4th party logistics), that looking for warehouse management solutions, labor, supplier management solutions, 3PL billing management solutions and direct store delivery solutions. The company has foresaw number of services in support to potential transfer of its solution. The type of the partnership considered is the commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations The company has the following advantages and innovations: - Tailor-made solutions - Cooperation with huge multinational conglomerates (e.g in the fields of food and beverage, construction industry, warehouse management and more) - Applies quality management system and has established modern internal control procedures in line with international management standards - Operation in numerous countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan) and its presence is steadily growing
Technological Keywords 02003001 Process automation
02003004 Supply chain
02003005 Information processing & Systems, Workflow
02005003 Packaging for machines
02005004 Packaging for materials
Market Keywords 08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09003001 Engineering services
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Type of Partnership Required Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for cooperation with industries, companies (e.g 3PLs/4PLs), that are looking for innovative warehouse management solutions, yard, labor, supplier management solutions, 3PL billing management solutions and direct store delivery solutions under commercial agreement with technical assistance.
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