Hardwood processing company from Bosnia and Herzegovina offers manufacturing or joint venture agreement

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Summary The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the east side of Republic of Srpska . Their main activities are related to the hardwood processing of semi-finished products for the furniture and flooring industry. Their main products are lumber and elements of beech, oak and other hardwoods. They are interested in long-term cooperation under a manufacturing or joint venture agreement.
Description of the offer The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in 1996 for the production and processing of wood, export-import trade and the provision of services in the wood industry. The company has many years of experience in the steam and drying process of hardwood which, as a result, gives low ranges, respecting customers' deadlines, diversification of the production process, production according to customer specifications and complete commitment to quality control. The company`s products are primarily made of beech and other hardwoods. The products are used in floor coverings, length and width panels and other elements for the needs of the furniture industry at the request of the buyer. The main products of the company are boards, beams, battens, half-edged boards, ship flooring The annual company produces about 3,000 m3 of timber assortments. The company has 30 employees. Spacious capacities of the company include a total of 14,000 m2 of asphalted area with the appropriate communal infrastructure. The production capacities consist of: lines for primary cutting, capacity 7,000 m3 / year, 500 m3 / cycle drying plant, 60 m3 spawning plant and plant-decimating unit elements. The company also has the significant warehouse and manipulative space. The company is export-oriented and export is based on markets of Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, UAE, PR China and Vietnam (95% of total production). The domestic market is represented by only 5%. The company wants to develop its activity and to introduce their own products in the new market, through long-term cooperation and it is looking for business partners. They prefer to sell its products in international markets in form of manufacturing agreement according to the client's requests. Through cooperation within joint venture agreement company aims to provide further development of its products for end-users, improve production capacity, which will result in the expansion of market share and the acquisition of experience in new market segments.
Advantages and Innovations Advantages of the company are based on respecting deadlines, quality control and experience in the thermal processing in terms of steaming and drying processing. Knowledge of the market needs considering EU market sharpened quality control, experience in thermal processes considered in a low range of discolouration, and planned production for the strategic partner is the main goal of the company. The products offered by the company are of high-quality thanks to the precise selection of raw materials (only raw materials from experienced suppliers are used).
Technological Keywords 07002005 Wood Products
Market Keywords 09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for long term cooperation with partners that are active and experienced in the related field. The company is interested in long term partnership. Potential partners could be: - Furniture producers that are looking for co-production services. - Furniture designers that are searching for manufacturers. - Other clients who need semi-finished products ready for the furniture and flooring industry
Date of creation 18.04.2018
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