Highly raised functionality and purity of cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells using an innovative recovery and seeding process

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Summary A French research lab has developed an innovative cell recovery and seeding process dedicated to cardiomyocytes derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem cells (IPS). Functionality and purity of freezed cardiomyocytes are highly raised using this process. TheTechnology Transfer Office (TTO) acting on behalf the research lab is looking for a licensing agreement with biotech companies or Contract Research Organizations (CRO), operating in cell testing of drugs or in cell therapy.
Description of the offer A French Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is acting on behalf major research labs within the Paris region. One of them has developed an innovative recovery and seeding process for cardiomyocytes derived from induced Pluripotent Stem cells (IPS). The laters are obtained from patient cells cultivation and differenciation, and they are used for in cellulo drug testing. They can also be obtained from healthy subjects in order to use them as a cell therapy by stem cells transplantation. *State of the art : Cardiomyocytes are generated from patients IPS which are put into cultivation in Petri dishes. Then functional cardiomyocytes are freezed in order to use them later. For in cellulo testing, there is not a unique recovery and seeding process. Contract Research Organizations (CRO) use classical protocols which lead to a 80% recovery ratio. Usually, recovered cardiomyocytes become functional again after 1 to 2 days after seeding but only 12 days after thawing. For use in cell therapy, each pharmaceutical or biotech company is setting up its own protocol which is included in its own production, recovery and seeding Good Manufacturing Pratice (GMP) qualified process. Up to now, there is still no cardiomyocytes into the market but some clinical investigations are promoted by biotech companies with a view to set up treatments for heart failures. * Market challenges : For in cellulo testing, there is a strong need to face the limitations of existing protocols. Indeed, the recovery ratio of cardiomyocytes is too low because of side effects of external agents used either for freezing or cell differentiation stopping. For use in cell therapy, there is no short-term challenge but a long-term need to improve the survival rate of IPS derived cardiomyocytes. *Proposed technology : After a classic differenciation process of cardiomyocytes, adherently growing cells detachment is performed using a specific enzyme during a specific time duration (both specific data are confidential). This time duration has been proved to offer the best return rate regarding to the recovery process. Cardiomyocytes are then ready either to be recovered and seeded by means of a specific recovery solution, or to be freeezed and later thawed by means of a specific plating medium (both are confidential data). The French TTO is looking for a licensing agreement as an exclusive or even no exclusive know-how transfer to biotech companies or CROs using IPS as stem cells derived cardiomyocytes, either for drug testing or cell therapy.
Advantages and Innovations Current recovery and seeding protocols of IPS derived cardiomyocytes doesn't agree with a unique standard. Their recovery ratio is only 80% of purity (83% in best cases). Besides, their survival rate is drastically lower after thawing. * Innovation An innovative recovery and seeding process of cardiomyocytes derived from IPS has been set up and protected as a secret know-how, which leads to the following performances : - recovered cardiomyocytes show a highly raised purity (95%), as compared to classical protocols, - thawed cardiomyocytes show a strong survival ratio since first cell beating have been proved to occur only after 3-4 days post-thawing. * Advantages The following characteristics of this innovative process are profitable to biotech companies dealing with cardiomyocytes, either for drug testing or cell therapy : - the whole preparation protocol of IPS derived cardiomyocytes shows a highly raised return rate, - operating instructions are simple and easy to set up, - time recquirements are only 45min for recovery and 24h for seeding including incubation time, - all specific solutions are commercially available.
Current Stage of Development The innovative process for recovery and seeding of cardiomyocytes derived from IPS is fully completed and ready to be transfered.
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Copyright Secret Know-how
Comments Regarding IPR Status The secret know-how includes all data describing specific timing and solutions for cell detachment, recovery, seeding, freezing and thawing.
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The French TTO is looking for a licensing agreement as an exclusive or non-exclusive secret know-how transfer, with biotech companies dealing with Induced Pluripotent Stem cells (IPS) derived cardiomyocytes. Pharmaceutical corporates or Contract Research Organizations (CROs), as well as biotech SMEs operating in the field of in cellulo drug testing or cell therapy are focused.
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