Hungarian manufacturer of medical devices, orthopaedic implants (hip, knee and spine) and instruments, is looking for partners for distribution services or commercial agency agreement. Also offers free production capacity for manufacturing agreement

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Summary The Hungarian SME, which is on the market for 25 years and is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing medical devices, instruments and orthopaedic implants, is seeking trade intermediaries, partners for signing commercial agency or distribution services agreements. Its main products are: spine implants, hip systems, knee prosthesis, and related instrument sets. The company is also open to manufacturing agreements: it offers production for companies abroad.
Description of the offer The company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of manufacturing medical devices and implants. The product range includes: - total hip systems - total and unicondylar knee prosthesis - spine implants - related instrument sets. The SME has a quality management system according to the appropriate international ISO certificates, and the products are CE marked. The products keep their safe sterility for five years; they are sterilized with gamma ray and packed in double foils. The medical devices are protected against mechanical damages by a sponge bed and a paper box. The foil is sealed in an aseptic space under strictly controlled conditions, at high standards of purity. The company also has the capacity to produce medical devices under other branded name as well. It can also offer "clean room package" service for its partners. The company is open to sign manufacturing agreement, as producing medical devices, implants or instruments for other companies abroad. The SME would like to enter to new markets with its high quality products, supported by expert background. Some products are market leader in its own country because of its excellent design, and the SME would like to make these products well-known in other countries with the help of distributors or commercial agents. Regarding high quality of products and instruments, the firm is ready to produce parts for partners with its own brand name in a frame of manufacturing agreement.
Advantages and Innovations - 28 years of experience in manufacturing medical devices and orthopaedic implants. - From the beginning the SME has been sensitive to market demands through a close contact with physicians and laboratories, and even with scientists and researchers. - Has references for implanted products: the oldest implant was a hip system which served the body for more than 25 years. - The company has stable stock products of its range: wide range of different sizes can be ordered any time, and the shortest delivery time could be even 7 days long.
Market Keywords 05003003 Surgical implants
05005015 Orthopaedics
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Hungarian SME is seeking partners (commercial agents, intermediaries, distributors) all over the world (except Bulgaria where they already have a sole distributor) who represent and distribute its product in their own market. It would be a big advantage if the partner already has experience in such products distribution, and it has connection with surgeries, hospitals and laboratories to help the company get references of its implants. The company would like to sign commercial agency or distribution services agreement with the partners abroad, to sell the products in their domestic market. The company is also open for manufacturing products for other firms in a frame of manufacturing agreement, as producing other labelled products for companies abroad.
Date of creation 29.03.2018
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