Hungarian SME specialized in wholesale of basic materials for food industry seeks new suppliers

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Summary The medium sized enterprise was established in its current form in 2014 in Hungary. Its main activity is wholesale of basic materials for food products and food industrial processes, which are mostly imported from abroad. The company is looking for new suppliers under a distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer The Hungarian company’s predecessor was established in 1991, therefore its founders have relevant experience in wholesale of food ingredients. Its main focus was to make foreign premium quality basic and auxiliary materials available for Hungarian food producers. Since its founding the product assortment has been widened, the company offers premium materials for bakery, confectionary, meat, dairy, animal feed and pharmaceutical industry. The SME has relevant experience in importing raw materials mainly from Europe, but it has partners already from non-EU countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia. The main product portfolio of the company: margarins, yeasts, soy products (flours, lecithin etc.), gluten, starches, cocoa products, oils-fats (coconut, palm oil, sunflower oil, olive oils,), sourdoughs, seeds, dried fruits, bakery flakes, flour mixes, milk and vegetable products, liquid egg and powder, fillings, jams, tinned goods. The company has relevant experience in distributing products of foreign producers in food industry. It distributes products of Cargill, Uniferm, AAK, Böcker etc. It has wide customer base in Hungary: bakeries, bakehouses, confectionary plants etc. from food production industry. The Hungarian SME is searching for foreign partners who are producers or distributors of the above mentioned products. The frame of co-operation is possible in distribution services agreement.
Market Keywords 09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Main parameters of potential partners: - Producers/distributor of basic materials for food sector - Products with a longer period of expiration. - Flexibility and reactivity of potential partners should be compatible with the needs of the market. - Meet the requirements and have relevant certifications in accordance with international standards of the various countries
Partner's sphere of activity The ideal partner is a foreign producer or distributor of basic materials for food industry.The expectation of the company is the accuracy, reliability, on-time delivery and price-value for money. Partners should be flexible and reactive in order to be compatible with the needs of the market.
Date of creation 30.03.2018
Profile type Business request
Profile openness to interact Y
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