Innovative Belgian developer and manufacturer specialized in first-void urine sampling devices for in vitro diagnostics used for detection of infectious diseases, oncology, sports doping control or drug testing is looking for technical cooperation

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Summary The Flemish company is an innovative developer of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and medical devices that add value to the accuracy of diagnostics tests in the field of infectious diseases and oncology as well as extrapolation to sports doping control or drug testing. The company’s portfolio has an IVD for standardized and accurate first-void urine sampling. They are looking for research and technical cooperation.
Description of the offer The Belgian company has two device platforms, one of which is a user-friendly self-sampling device suited for standardized and guaranteed collection of first-void urine allowing improved detection of infectious diseases as well as early stage (urological) cancer. Potential partners are diagnostic labs and manufacturers of diagnostic kits for HPV, STIs like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, M. genitalium and Trichomonas, but also ZIKA as well as diagnostic companies working on (urological) cancer detection. Not only the detection and prevention follow-up of urological (bladder or prostate) cancers, but recent literature also showed potential in the detection of other cancers, like lung tumors for examples. The technology provided is based on the high concentration of DNA, RNA and proteins present in the first-void urine. Next to the clinical diagnostic use, the device is also suitable to use for drug screening and in sports medicine for doping controls. The company is in full global expansion and is establishing a presence in Middle-East, Asia and Latin-America. They are looking for diagnostic companies, labs, hospitals, agencies with connections to the authorities and can provide assistance and local know-how to the company.
Advantages and Innovations There are no critical technical requirements to take into consideration like humidity, pressure or temperature. Current shelf-life is 5 years and performance is ensured up to 50°C (In the variant with preservative the critical temperature will be defined by stability data of the buffer used). The absence of temperature critical points enables them to create a global interesting end-product. The device is easy to use. It requires the user to screw the collector tube on the housing of the device. Once the user starts urinating, the first 20ml of the urine is diverted through the funnel into the collector tube. The floater rises and blocks the inflow into the collector tube after the first 20ml. The remainder of the urine overflows into the toilet. No need to stop urinating. The expertise sought is these of assisting in manufacturing there products and do research for clinical data of these kits.
Current Stage of Development The company is in full global expansion and is establishing a presence in Middle-East, Asia and Latin-America. They show interest in diagnostic companies, labs, hospitals, agencies with connections Currently on the market in EU and USA.
Technological Keywords 06001005 Diagnostics, Diagnosis
Market Keywords 05001001 Diagnostic services
05005014 Oncology
05005016 Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine
05007001 Disposable products
Comments Regarding IPR Status In Benelux they have registered trademark for commercial brand name and logo as well as for company name and company logo. The Benelux registration has been extrapolated to the EU region. International registration has been submitted and patent is still pending.
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Technical cooperation agreement
Research cooperation agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking to expand. Potential type of partnerships: Diagnostic companies, hospitals, The partner sought is these of assisting them in creating cooperations on research, subcontracting for manufacturing of these kits. -Research Cooperation Agreement Research laboratories who can perform clinical trials and tests to obtain clinical data for registration and commercial purposes. -Subcontracting of specific tasks, like assembly, manufacturing, labelling and packaging -Technical Cooperation Agreement Performance of technical essays and tests to obtain allow for registration of the product (device).
Date of creation 12.04.2018
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