Innovative Spanish company which offers high-durability precast structures for the blue-growth sector (aquaculture, energy, ports, tourism) adapted to the customer requirements is looking for clients interested in a commercial and service agreement.

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Summary The high durability and low weight of these structures makes them very adequate for marine and maritime applications. The company is developing several H2020 projects, among others, one developing modular rafts for mussel farming. The rafts are inspired in the Galician traditional farms, but using an advanced composite, so it can be used in opened waters and is much more durable and sustainable. The company is seeking clients interested, under a commercial and service agreement.
Description of the offer The company can provide precast solutions made with high durability materials that have 5 times more compressive strength than concrete, 1000 times less porosity and which allow to develop lighter designs. The company can work together with the clients to develop a customized solution according to their specific necessities and they are looking for partners or clients that require structures or elements in the ocean or agressive enviroments. The optimization of a design to solve each specific problem ensures to the customer the best value for money solution for their business. The precast elements are modular and light, so they can be produced in the precast plant and be transported to different locations. One of these customized solutions is the floating raft for the mollusk farming. The main difference compared to the traditional systems is that it provides an optimized spatial planning of the cultivation, which concentrates in each raft 500 ropes for the mussels farming. Spatial planning is one of the requirements stated by Blue Growth strategy in the program Horizon 2020. Compared to the traditional Galician raft, these innovative rafts reduces exploitation costs, as maintenance is extremely reduced and the lifetime of the raft is multiplied by four. It's also ready to work on opened waters as the connections between joints are improved, can be in contact with water without any problem and its anti-slipping pavement provides more safety to the employee. They are looking for collaborators who are interested in this type of structure under a commercial agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The structures that the company manufacture have an extremely low permeability, flexibility, surface quality, corrosion resistance and impact strength. It has much better properties than wood, concrete and steel, especially in wet environments. In the case of the rafts, the mollusk farmer has a relevant positive economic impact as it reduces maintenance costs and the raft investment, It has multiplies lifetime per four compared to other solutions.
Technological Keywords 02007005 Composite materials
07003001 Aquaculture
Market Keywords 09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought They are searching for partners that require structures or elements in the ocean or agressive enviroments.They are looking for companies interested in their projects or collaborator interested in this type of structures under commercial agreement.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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