Innovative vertical green modules with Italian design offered to shops, retailers and architects for commercial agency agreements

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Summary An Italian SME with over 10 years of experience offers a wide range of products in the vertical green sector, from small modules to experience vertical green at home to any size of living walls for outdoor and indoor. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements with shops (interior decoration, gift shops, design shops, flower shops and garden centers), as well as architects and gardeners interested in promoting the company products towards retailers, hotels and restaurants.
Description of the offer The SME is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of unique scenic spaces and innovative vertical green foliage solutions. Founded in March 2011, it is the result of the idea by a gardener with a strong interested in vertical gardens and a carpentry family firm. The accumulation of knowledge and experience gained over years along with the desire to create something new, led to the improvement of the vertical technique launched by the botanist Patrick Blanc. These two worlds of gardening and carpentry found a point of contact for new projects, resulting in the creation of a unique green foliage décor. Confident in the value of their ideas, the team decided to take it a step further, to embark on a new adventure and officially launch the company. The first appearance of the SME was in Genoa in 2011, during the 10th edition of Euroflora, where tested techniques were shown to the public with a great success. The prestigious exhibition was the springboard in the garden and home decor sector for the SME. The early years have been characterized by the development of living walls and vegetation paintings, all fully customizable. The modular living walls are the first and most creative expression of the SME’s green foliage vertical design. From 2012 the products range expanded by aiming at a wider audience. A ready-to-use décor for anyone who wants to bring home a vertical oasis has been developed and brought to market since 2013. The SME is looking for new partners, mainly located in Europe, with knowledge and/or interest in vertical green and home décor. The company is interested in commercial agency agreements. Partners can be shops (interior decoration, gift shops, design shops, flower shops and garden centers) as well as architects and gardeners who want to expand their offer towards retailers, hotels and restaurants, promoting the company small modules and the living walls for outdoor and indoor. Partners can expect the company availability in order to realize tailor made offerings and meet ad hoc requirements.
Advantages and Innovations The Italian company has a deep experience in the vertical green sector. During the last ten years it has developed a complete offer of products, from small modules to any size of living walls, both suitable for outdoor and indoor and with distinctive features in terms of Italian design. Moreover, a continuous research of innovative materials, usability and durability has been performed, leading to the development of high quality products. The company is now well positioned and recognized in the Italian market and it has gained some experience in German, Belgian and UK markets. Thanks to the acquired experience, the company offers now products characterised by: - high durability and strength in any environmental condition; - guarantee of constant waterproofing; - unalterable color over time; - low weight and easy installation; - modular design that allows to realise highly customised "living walls"; - made in Italy production.
Technological Keywords 03010 Household Goods & Appliances
Market Keywords 07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004006 Garden and horticultural products
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The ideal partners should have interest in home décor and/or knowledge of vertical gardening. They can be shops (interior decoration, gift shops, design shops, flower shops and garden centers) as well as architects and gardeners interested in signing commercial agency agreement with the SME.
Date of creation 19.04.2018
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