Italian fashion and sportwear apparel manufacturing company is looking for manufacturing and outsourcing agreements.

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Summary An Italian clothing and apparel manufacturing company produces customized products related to sportswear, classic and corporate clothing, workwear and fashion garments. They design, project, manufacture and customize each client's requests. The company is interested in creating manufacturing agreements with international clients to expand their business in the textile industry worldwide. They are also looking for outsourcing agreements.
Description of the offer An Italian fashion clothing and apparel design production company, located in Piedmont Region, provides solutions and keys related to textile industry manufacturing customized fashion products according to clients' requests. They wish to provide solutions in a market where quality, competency and service are the most important things. The high and qualified team of the company, able to design, project, manufacture and to customize client's requests, develops products related to fashion clothes, sportswear, classic and corporate clothing and workwear. The founders of the company have been involved for many years in the clothing business. Indeed they have a deep experience in the manufacturing in the fashion market and experienced many business partnerships with very important companies and brands worldwide. Their expertise is focused on: - Design and creativity: a team of high qualified graphics and designers are available for all those clients who need to build their clothing gear or even only the items concept. - Modeling : the company is able to develop all kinds of patterns using the most sophisticated software tools, as well Autocad Gerber technology. - Selection of fabrics and accessories: referring to the client needs they select the best fabrics and accessories. That's why the company signed important business agreements with some of the most important fabrics and accessories manufacturers in Italy and Turkey. - Manufacture: the manufacture of the item is done through their production's plants in Italy and Europe. The Team will choose the best one for the customer referring to the item the client needs, to the quantities, to the kind of fabrics and to the budget. - Customization: they are able to customize in every possible way (serigraphic printings, transfer printings, high-resolution embroideries, patches etc.). - Quality control: at each production's stage the monitor quality team is in charge of the quality checks. In that way, it's possible to avoid mistakes or flawed items. - Packaging: for those clients who need specific packaging the company is able to offer a wide range of possibilities thanks to the different business agreements they have with the most important suppliers. - Logistics: the company is also able to provide warehouse service and transportation services according to client's need. The Italian company is involved in many projects linked to the fashion world (sportswear, classic clothing, workwear, gadgets) with many brands worldwide providing style, design, production and logistics services. They are able to produce all kind of sportswear items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, tank top, shirts etc. Thanks to many years of experience in the sport racing world clients can be guided to the right direction and choice. The company, indeed, has a specific branch involved in the workwear's business using certified fabrics (Oeko - TEX), to be ready for all the market requests. For those clients who need promotional clothings and gadgets the Italian company sets many business agreements with the main important promotional catalogues. Therefore, they could project and produce special objects, using plants located in Far East countries. Their controlled factories are mostly based in Europe (Italy, Bulgaria, Romania etc) but they also have partnerships in Turkey, Pakistan, Tunisia and Far East countries. The Made in Italy products are true ones and for this the company always allow the customer to visit the factories during the production phase so as to prove that it is not a fake Italian production. This is, unfortunately, common in Italy. The company is looking for manufacturing agreement with new clients and customers; they are also interested in developing outsourcing agreements with retailers and new clients to expand their business worldwide.
Advantages and Innovations The company developed a deep structure related to the quality research and quality control services in all aspects and stages. To do that the company has involved both its own staff and the partners one to increase the control levels. Deep experience in creation and modeling. They are specialized in designing and modelling products according to client's requests and needs. Therefore they have a very high potential in customization capabilities, being able to use all kind of customization for printings sublimation, serigraphy, digital, transfer etc. About embroideries they can delivery high resolution ones and they can also produce silicon patches or 3D ones. They carry out activities related to Research and Development that allowed the company to be involved in special fabric projects, or in projects linked to development of devices application on clothings. This company's capabilities to manage all kind of request eventually made by customers is something new and different from most of the competitors which are usually linked to a specific application field.
Market Keywords 07001004 Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
07002002 Clothing and shoe stores
07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Outsourcing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for manufacturing and outsourcing agreements with high-quality companies in the textile sector.
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Date of creation 10.05.2018
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