Italian manufacturer of recycling machines for electric wires and cables seeks partners for distribution services and commercial agency agreements

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Summary An Italian company specialised in manufacturing of recycling machines for the treatment and separation of electric wires components is looking for agreements with distributors and agents having knowledge in waste / recycling markets, operators and potential customers. The proposed machines (compact monoblock) can process electric, telephone, telecom and RF cables at 100-1.000 kg/hour . They are best suited for in situ applications such as recycling centers or for electric works companies.
Description of the offer The Italian SME has a thirty-year long experience in recycling machines. Patents date back to 1988 for bulk processing of electric wires, separating the copper core from the insulator. Nowadays the company has about 50 employees and owns a 40.000 m2 area, 15.000 m2 of which are closed workshop buildings. The range of products offered still covers mainly the treatment of electric cables. Other specialised machineries are developed and offered on the market, in order to match the increasing demand for treatment and separation of different components from special wastes such as WEEE, Car fluff, etc. No chemicals or water are employed in all of the processing phases, for any kind of waste and for the whole range of recycling machines. In addition a mobile crusher for building demolition waste treatment and compaction is offered already packaged on a normal size truck, for easy movement and operation. In summary the company is able to employ a wide range of systems - such as conveyors, hammer mills and crushers, granulators, zig-zag separators, shredders, turbo separators, etc. - available as separate units, or already integrated in a single unt in order to perform specific tasks with the best possible results. The core business of the company, and the product line subject of the present offer, is still the small size segment of integrated units for electric wire processing and separation. They stand out for their easy operation, low maintenance, no need for pre-selection of the materials to be fed in, high purity of the metal / non metal parts after separation, small dimensions, low energy consumption and low noise emission. Now about 80% of these units are sold abroad. These recycling machines are offered in four different processing capacities: from 100 kg/hour with an electric power input as low as 7,00 kW, up to 1000 kg/h with a single compact machine) the wide range of production also includes complete lines for recycling of electric cables or other electronic waste, with production capacity customized to the needs of the customer. The company can tune up their machines for optimisation of yield in relation to raw input materials and the required quality / purity of the output. Best application areas are in waste collection and separation centers (medium or big size municipalities, multiutility companies appointed for waste treatment and disposal, other companies involved in electric and or WEEE collection and treatment). Other subjects with the ability to collect disposed electric wires, such as electric companies or even electricians consortiums, could also benefit. Distributors and agents already operating in the waste chain are sought in order to reach greater visibility and expand their business.
Advantages and Innovations The proposed machines are small in size and able to separate in situ the high valued copper or aluminum from other materials. The advantages are twofold: avoidance of moving electric wastes in treatment centers, with savings in time and/ work; added revenues from the ability to place directly on the market high purity recovered metals as raw materials.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for experienced agents and distributors in European Countries. They should have knowledge in: waste and recycling markets, their operators, their potential customers and needs. The main role of the partners sought is to enable the company to reach greater visibility and expand business in countries not already or poorly covered.
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