Italian producer of an innovative green maintenance device for buildings and public places of the city seeks commercial agency agreement across Europe.

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Summary This Italian start-up company has developed a green technology to clean the outer surfaces. The company distributes the service in Italy for large surfaces (over 1000 square meters) such as shopping centres, hotels, industrial areas, residential buildings and public places such as parks, squares, streets and cities. It is looking for commercial agency agreement across Europe to find new users of its cleaning technology.
Description of the offer This Italian start-up company has developed an eco-friendly technology able to clean the outer surfaces with no using chemicals and abrasive. It is a modified hydraulic pump that use cold water (ambient temperature) (also not drinkable) and allows to reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals and abrasive. The water is sprayed in an adjustable pressure on the surfaces to clean, thanks to a very complex piece of machinery controlled by a software. Its mission is to promote a new way of thinking about the building, less construction and more renovations. It want to aggregate the resources and expertise to develop new solutions for the redevelopment and urban regeneration. During the World Exhibition of 2015 in Milan, the technology has been selected and presented by the Italian Government as one of the Italian excellence for environmental sustainability in construction. The company is looking for commercial agency agreement of the service for large surfaces (over 1.000 square meters) with other companies already active in the sector across Europe. The company does not sell its technology and not provide the rental. The company provides the service with specialized technicians.
Advantages and Innovations The technology allows the company to work on different types of material and also in the presence of gardens, trees and places frequented by pets and children. And this avoids or reduces problems such as the thermal shock, corrosion and abrasion of the surface. The main difference from similar systems, is the special internal geometry of the nozzles ( industrial property/ patent secret) designed to direct the flow of water evenly over the surface to be treated. In addition to this the machine is equipped with an electronic control unit and software that allows to manage and control the compressor and the water distribution of the pipe system.
Technological Keywords 03001001 Cleaning Technology
Market Keywords 08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought It is looking for commercial agency services mainly in the construction sector, in the building services and professional such as architects, engineers and designers to the European market. The target customer is the owner or manage large buildings and public places (with areas over 1000 square meters). The company provides the service of planning and execution of maintenance with its technology and technicians. The partner receives a fee for the work performed by signalling or may participate in the execution of additional works that our company does not provide. The partner can increase the number of services provided to its customers than competitors, earning a commission on these services and provide their services and products simultaneously.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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