Italian producer of high quality dairy products is looking for distributors

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Summary An Italian company producing a wide range of top quality dairy products is looking for distributors with experience in working with the wholesale, retail and foodservice channels in their local markets. An extensive range of high quality products is offered for HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and, if required, for private label as well.
Description of the offer This ambitious Italian company, located in the Molise region, benefits from the owners’ in-depth knowledge and over-fifty-year experience of their family in the dairy sector. The plant and main raw materials procurement market of the company are located in the valleys of the Apennines, in a still unspoilt area. The company’s product range comprises: - a line of extra-fresh products (“fiordilatte”, plait, “burrata”, “ricotta”); - a semi-hard line (“scamorza” and dried “scamorza”, white and smoked); - “caciocavallo silano” P.D.O. (“Protected Designation of Origin”); - a line of pizza restaurant products (mozzarella, log, strings and cubes for pizzas). - a line of lactose-free dairy products. In addition to products under its own proprietary label, the company also processes products with the brand of the distributor. The company is an established exporter but is looking to expand internationally and is seeking distributors with experience of working with branded manufacturers in the retail, foodservice, FMCG and HORECA channels and large-scale retail trade, in their local and international markets.
Advantages and Innovations - Product quality is guaranteed by a production and distribution system that combines the value added of cutting-edge technology with in-depth knowledge of traditional, artisan processing; - Factors such as geographical location, strict stock farm selection procedures, an efficient milk collection and processing system mean that the company is able to guarantee that all raw materials used in dairy processes are of extremely high quality; - The company’s best-selling products, which include High Quality Fresh Milk and “caciocavallo silano” P.D.O. (“Protected Designation of Origin”), are made only with raw materials sourced at a limited number of selected regional stock farms. The health of the animals, feeding with exclusively natural forage, milking conditions and collection of the milk are constantly monitored and supervised; - Controls carried out in all processing phases by qualified personnel in a modern, safe plant and an efficient distribution network guarantee high quality standards of the finished product, continuity of supply and compliance with delivery times; - The company is well-established, growing and already successfully exporting to: EU Countries, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong. - The company is flexible and can accommodate different requirements (e.g. all products are available in various sizes and formats and types of packaging) with their branded product range, private label (only for big quantity orders) and an extensive portfolio for HORECA, FMCG channels, large-scale retail trade and retailers.
Market Keywords 07002005 Other retailing
07003002 Health food
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Distributors should be well established with all retailers from small high end stores to large supermarkets and gourmet food halls, food service and have experience of working with FMCG and HORECA channels and large-scale retail trade. The partner's role will be to: - identify and contact potential customers through a variety of sources with a view to supplying products on a long term basis; - provide advice on pricing, regulations relevant to shipping, supply samples and take orders.
Date of creation 26.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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