Korean company specialized in developing and manufacturing network test equipment seeks distribution services and commercial agency agreements

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Summary A Korean company that has developed a network test equipment with excellent chip design technology seeks partners to conclude distribution services or commercial agency agreements. Partners should be able to introduce equipment and support delivery to local partners and end-users. This high-performance equipment is easy to use and cost-effective.
Description of the offer Network performance test equipment is essential in development, production, and maintenance of security equipment, switches, and routers. Until recently, the international network performance test equipment market was dominated by two or three vendors, as the existing market had some disadvantages such as high technology barriers and high cost. Accordingly, the Korean company established in 2010 developed unique technologies that can be easily applied without special training. The company has successfully developed a 10Gbps test module in 2014. After the equipment’s commercialization in 2016, the company has supplied it to Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), which are Korean public institutions related to communications. In addition, the company has also developed 40 Gbps /100 Gbps modules in 2017, and they are already on the market. The company is currently seeking European partners who will be responsible for sales and distribution of the company’s products. The Korean company's network performance test equipment supports tests for error and stress based on high-precision stream-based packet generation and analysis. High-performance network processing for 10G, 40G and 100G is possible, and the price is offered at less than half compared with that of competitor products. The special feature of the equipment are as follows: 1. Layer 2, Layer 3 traffic emulation based on wire-speed hardware - Complete packet/frame header configuration - Interleaved/sequential stream scheduling - Jumbo frame support 2. Layer 4 traffic emulation and Pcap emulation - Independently controlled header field - On-the-fly wire-speed checksum generation - Transmission control protocol(TCP)/Internet protocol(IP), User Datagram Protocol(UDP)/Internet protocol(IP), Internet Group Management Protocl(IGMP)/Internet protocol(IP), Internet Control message protocol(ICMP)/Internet protocol(IP) support 3. Non-stateful layer 7 traffic emulation - User-defined support - Transmission control protocol(TCP)/User Datagram Protocol(UDP) port allocation 4. Normal/Interleaved packet stream control - Up to 256 Unique packet streams with an individual data rate per stream - Up to 32 unique interleaved packet streams generated sequentially according to proportion of total rate 5. Wire-speed traffic measurement and test - Link state, link speed, frame/byte sent, frame/byte sent rate, valid frame/byte received, valid frame/byte received rate, fragment, undersize, oversize, cyclical redundancy check(CRC) error, virtual local area network(VLAN) tagged frames. - Frame loss and back-to-back test 6. Web-based User Interface (GUI) support - Provide testing environment for multiple users to have access at the same time - Remote testing environment through web Based on their solid technology, the company acquired various types of licenses in network processing IP (Intellectual Property). The company wishes to expand their international market under distribution services and commercial agency agreements with the entities as follows: telecommunication companies, network equipment manufacturers and distributors, network component manufacturers and distributors, public institutions and research institutions. Partners will be able to share profits with reasonable sales policy and receive free training of field engineer. A technology assistance from training on business trip will be offered as well. Lastly, the partners will be able to build solid product line up with a competitive price offer.
Advantages and Innovations - Precise test environment of wire speed - Easy-to-use control: No need for special training (complementing disadvantages of market products) - Remote operation: The product is web-based in multiple user environments - Price competitiveness: The price is almost half of the competitor products
Technological Keywords 01002008 Optical Networks and Systems
01003005 Computer Hardware
Market Keywords 01004001 Local area networks
01004003 Communications processors/network management
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought - Type of partner sought: local distributors and agents - Specific area of activity of the partner : Telecommunication company, network equipment and/or components manufacturer/distributor, network security equipment manufacturer, server manufacturer, government & public institutions, university and research institutions etc. - Task to be performed : Distribution for local sales, installation and repair service.
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