Latvian company producing natural sugar free syrups for sweetening coffee, tea, hot drinks, pastry and desserts are looking for cooperation under distribution and/or manufacturing agreement

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary Latvian manufacturer specializes in production of syrups without or with a reduced amount of sugar. The producer uses natural fruit and berry juices, herbal extracts, extract of stevia and 20% fructose for production, so the syrups are friendly for diabetics. The company is looking for export partners and companies that are distributing such products under distribution services agreement and companies that are interested in “private label” cooperation under manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer Latvian producer has developed the syrups without or with a reduced amount of sugar that perfectly goes with coffee, milk, water and all other products. The product can be also used basis for preparing different cocktails, desserts and dietary products. Due to the components (natural fruit and berry juices, herbal extracts, extract of stevia fructose) the syrup product has the potential to completely replace beet sugar consumption without reducing the amount of sweets, while providing the reception of natural vitamins and minerals contained by juices and extracts. It is suitable for diabetics, and people with a low-sugar diet. The product storage requirements: dry, cool place, + 2- + 25 C degrees, avoiding direct sunlight. At the moment the company is offering following flavours: - Apple-chili/cayenne pepper syrup - Apple-cranberry/cinnamon syrup - Apple-quince/mint syrup - Apple-ginger syrup - Apple-turmeric/black pepper syrup The company can offer the products in large packages as well as to deliver in the pre-packaged bottles. The flavour can be adjusted to the clients need. The producer is looking for trade partners under distribution services agreement and is offering private label opportunity under manufacturing agreement for partners that have interest in natural syrups.
Advantages and Innovations - Product made of natural ingredients with good taste, smell and pleasant consistence; - Suitable for diabetics, and people with a low-sugar diet; - Recognition from the Association of Diet and Nutrition Specialist of Latvia
Market Keywords 07003002 Health food
07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants
Copyright Secret Know-how
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is willing to cooperate under distribution and/or manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for partners with a large production and/or sales experience, who would like to add products to their product range as regular bottled syrups and/or private label products.
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