Liquid silicone rubber membrane for medical drinking aid

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Summary A Bavarian start-up working in the field of healthcare wants to improve daily clinical life by optimising products and processes for patients and staff of pension homes. They have developed a drinking aid for patients with dysphagia or swallowing disorder. The product has a patented mechanism with a silicone membrane to compensate the level of the fluid while drinking. They are now looking for production partners of this silicone membrane to enter into a manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer The Bavarian start-up was founded in 2017. They focus on optimised healthcare products for elderly or disabled people and have developed a new drinking aid. When completely emptying a drinking vessel the patient usually has to bend the head backwards. This is a big problem for the elderly or people with neurogenic diseases. On the one hand this is no longer possible for many people due to a restricted mobility, on the other hand an overstretching of the neck opens the airways and increases the risk of aspiration. If swallowing during the drinking process the patients are exposed to an increased risk of pneumonia. Patients with a dysphagia should be classified as high-risk patients. They often suffer from recurrent respiratory infections and respiratory pneumonia. These complications and the associated lengthening of the retention period in the hospital raise the cost of treatment. In long-term care such as in nursing homes this leads to an incalculable occupancy. This developed drinking system helps people with dysphagia and people with a restricted mobility to keep their normal drinking habits without nursing support. Thanks to the special mechanism the affected persons can drink with his head down, preventing choking and aspiration. The cup can be emptied without changing the head position. The lid component, which includes the membrane, is a consumable. It is disposed of in the clinic every day. In long-term care it is disposed of after one week. This leads to a production need of about 5 million membranes per year for the European market. Partners capable to produce this component in above mentioned quantities are sought in the frame of a manufacturing agreement.
Current Stage of Development Market entry in April 2018. The tools (one-cavity) are available.
Technological Keywords 02002013 Moulding, injection moulding, sintering
02007016 Rubber
Market Keywords 05007001 Disposable products
05007003 Handicap aids
Copyright Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status International PCT Patent expected mid of 2018.
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought They are looking for production partners capable to manufacture the liquid silicone rubber membrane for the drinking aid. They are also looking for producers of multi-cavity tools. The membrane, which is key part of the mechanism, is approximately 150 micrometres thick and is made of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) with shore hardness 5 by injection molding. The shot weight is about 4 grams. Output of up to 5 million membranes per year.
Date of creation 12.04.2018
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