London-based blockchain technology company is looking for commercial agency partners

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Summary The London-based company was founded in 2015 and is publicly listed. They have developed a next generation private, permissioned blockchain development platform. It is a private, scalable, easy to use enterprise blockchain platform. It was developed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise - solving the issues identified by other platforms. Since the platform is industry agnostic, they are seeking to sign commercial agency and license agreement.
Description of the offer The London-based technology company specialises in private, permissioned blockchain development, they are enterprise-focused and offer blockchain solutions across multiple industries. While they have significant experience in the energy and finance sectors, they are involved in other projects in a range of industries such as education, supply chain and logistics, and are looking explore other opportunities. The platform enables businesses to take advantage of the benefits of the blockchain and apply them to business solutions and applications: The architecture is inherently immutable, providing an auditable trail of trusted data that can improve reporting functions and traceability of ownership. The high degree of redundancy provides a robust network that does not fail. Nodes can be added/removed without consequence to the network, meaning resilient IT infrastructures are achieved with ease. Security is built in due to the decentralised consensus model that means data may not be changed by a single party within a network. Smart contracts enable the automation of complex processes, improving operations and reducing cost and time. The platform is written in JavaScript meaning integration with applications is extremely easy. The language is well established and has a strong community for support. Consequently, time to market for business solutions is drastically reduced. These characteristics enable businesses to increase operational efficiency, eliminate issues relating to trust, and release tied up cash flow. Via the JavaScript platform, solutions can also be developed significantly easier. The company is looking for commercial agency partners to test their built platform.
Advantages and Innovations The company identified that while blockchain technology is highly applicable to many industries, there were significant drawbacks with existing platforms relating to scalability and privacy. Scalability and privacy issues with traditional blockchain solutions are resolved via a unique architectural feature that enables very high transaction throughputs and allows control of private data. The company has developed a unique architectural feature called chain-joining. This enables multiple blockchains to be linked within the same network. This is believed to be the only way to solve the issues of scalability and privacy. As such, applications built on this platform can leverage blockchain benefits but also keep certain portions of data private, meeting commercial and regulatory requirements. They can also meet the needs of high throughput environments such as energy and securities trading. The JavaScript platform enables efficient application development. The structure is similar to Redux which simplifies development and reduces time to market for business solutions. The innovative and enterprise-centric product has resulted in ongoing projects with some of the world's largest institutions. Alongside others in finance and transport, are looking to take solutions into live environments.
Market Keywords 02007001 Systems software
02007002 Database and file management
02007005 Communications/networking
02007007 Applications software
02007013 Banks/financial institutions software
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is seeking partners to sign commercial agency and license agreements across a wide range of industries to pilot test their built platform, specifically opportunities to collaborate and build applications for companies that have identified areas that would benefit from increased efficiency. The company can offer a fast start illustration of the solution to demonstrate the value. Following this, the company would look to deploy the longer term solution and explore further opportunities with the product. Alongside building applications, the company is seeking to technically enable commercial partners to test their platform and build solutions for clients.
Date of creation 05.04.2018
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