Maltese SME that offers Big Data intel analytics, Internet of Things security systems seeks automation solutions providers for commercial cooperation

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Summary A Maltese SME offers an IoT solution that is highly extendable and adaptable to cater even for the most demanding and data intensive IoT scenarios with the ability to capture and analyze data from a different range of sensors. The company is looking for partners interested in implementing innovative and customized solutions for performance efficiency optimisation especially within Industry 4.0 scenarios. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements.
Description of the offer The company is a small but dynamic company that designs, develops, integrates and secures innovative solutions for enterprises seeking advanced technological answers to solve challenging business processes and problems. Their solutions involve the latest cloud conduits, infrastructures and cutting-edge development technologies whilst harnessing the power of big data combined with their custom-developed machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligent processes. They offer a highly flexible web-based platform which can automatically horizontally scale to enable data collection for different sensors. It provides data analysis and analytics with different data visualization strategies and enables data capture from different sources. [databases, IoT Protocols (e.g. MQTT), custom developed APIs]. Extensive analysis through machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence is included to automatically create intelligent triggers and notifications. The platform also supports augmented reality and mixed reality as a data visualization alternative - this benefits the user to see a visual representation of the sensors data output, just by pointing a mobile device to the desired sensor. Flexible design without affecting security measures protecting both data in motion between devices and server using advanced light weight cryptography (LWC) Algorithms and also data at rest in the cloud system. The company provides sysops for systems operation and management for already deployed solutions and software development where they undertake the development of custom-made solutions since they are geared to support different operating systems, deployment technologies and container technologies, along within different networking environments. The company's expertise covers cloud platform providers and they work in an agile fashion, ensuring a quick turnaround, with proper application of security aspects.
Advantages and Innovations Ease of integrating new devices to the system; The ability to store generated data for long periods of time for compliance reasons; An extensible range of data analysis and machine learning intelligence; New and intuitive augmented reality and mixed reality solutions to visualize data output. Flexible customisation to adapt to client needs.
Market Keywords 08002002 Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
08002003 Process control equipment and systems
08002005 Machine vision software and systems
08002007 Other industrial automation
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The partners sought will be solution providers to clients that need full IT solutions spanning over software, hardware, networks and cloud Infrastructures that can be customised and integrated into any enterprise. These would include industrial and automation sectors; parking, ports, or fleet management companies; smart cities and companies that work with IoT in general. Partners that might be interested in a license agreement may also be considered.
Date of creation 09.05.2018
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