Patented TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) technology for internet traffic optimization

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Summary A Spanish ICT company has developed a patented TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) technology that optimizes internet traffic even when using wireless networks. The company is looking for license agreements.
Description of the offer Most internet services and applications use TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), and although it is robust and reliable, it may not perform well on wireless networks. In fact, most of wireless ISPs face continuous network performance issues, such as high latency, packet losses and delay jitter,that reduce network throughput and deteriorate the Quality of Experience (QoE) of their customers. TCP is the transport protocol most widely used by internet services and applications. The technology developed by the Spanish company acts at TCP level in order to optimize internet traffic. It is a patented TCP implementation that can improve TCP traffic speed by up to 100%, while avoiding buffer-bloat problems. It adapts itself to different network conditions thanks to its self-tuning learning algorithm, but is especially suited whenever wireless links are present (WiFi, LTE, 3G, WiMax...), where it performs better than other TCP implementations, including Linux Cubic, Akamai’s Fast Open and Google’s BBR. The technology detects congestion based on the measured delivery rate and the improved algorithm allows the TCP to be more aggressive when there is no congestion and to back off in real congestion, being able to carry out this discrimination in challenging environments: with wireless links, packet losses or large network delays. Deployment: It is transparently deployed on the path of the TCP traffic to be optimized and can be deployed on off-the-shelf Intel-based servers, virtual machines (KVM or VMware vSphere hypervisors) or integrated into other network equipment blades. The company is looking international partners in the sector of internet services interested in the improvement of the quality of experience of their customers by the optimization of the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The kind of partnership sought is license agreement
Advantages and Innovations -Higher Internet speed improves customer experience, leading to more revenue and less churn. -Optimizes all TCP (Transmission Control Protocol traffic, even encrypted, which is increasingly the norm. -Retransmissions are handled locally, improving network efficiency. Retransmissions due to access losses do not increase Internet interconnection traffic and likewise retransmissions due to Internet interconnection losses do not increase access traffic. -Acting as a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol proxy, it serves content closer to the user, reducing effective latency and improving network responsiveness and fairness when congestion occurs. -It can run on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) hardware or in virtual environments with a flexible license scheme. -It is easy deployed, requiring no changes to the network, nor specific client or server software. -The technology is self-tuning and does not require any special configuration, apart from a management IP.
Technological Keywords 01003014 Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Bluetooth)
Market Keywords 01004 Data Communications
01006003 Streaming
01006005 Other communications (not elsewhere classified)
Copyright Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status PCT patent granted
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Spanish company is looking for international partners such as network service providers, Enterprises, CDNs (Content Delivery Network), OTTs (over-the-top content) and cloud services providers willing to cooperate under license agreement in order to incorporate this technology within their services.
Date of creation 07.05.2018
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