Peruvian company specialized in the development of tableware for babies seeks distributors in Europe.

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Summary The Peruvian company with experience in the production and commercialization of tableware for babies is interested in having their products sold in European countries offering distribution agreement. The materials used for the development of the products are of the highest quality. They also work with purchase orders and own designs.
Description of the offer Since 1949, the Peruvian company was established in order to satisfy the needs of customers and end users. The company has several years in the local and international markets producing and commercializing various types of functional accessories for daily use, such as plastic bathtubs, pottys, eating table, wastebaskets and others. Currently the company is exporting to several countries, mainly Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. The company's products are of a high level of polypropylene, it also owns various presentations and products with specifications upon request. In the same way, the product sets are functional in use and in addition they bring with them didactic elements so that the feeding experience of the infant is pleasant. • The travel food sets contain 3 compartments for different foods, just as they bring with them cutlery. • Food sets have 3 separations for different foods. • The "Future Thermos" are of various presentations, either 1.80 liter, 1 liter and in the case of the lactation set of 0.22 liter. And other types of accessories. They are always innovating new presentations and disposed to develop customers requirements.
Advantages and Innovations The company has diverse product categories, within the category of babies has innovated in the variety of products and presentations, free BPA (Bisphenol A,employed to make plastics) . Within food products, it has innovated in the addition of toys within food sets. Moreover, the company provides solid to belong to a holding company dedicated to the same sector, leader in the field support.
Market Keywords 07004004 Housewares
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Peruvian company is looking for distributors in Europe for the different product categories.
Date of creation 21.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
Profile from EEN Y

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