Polish manufacturer of luxury, decorative, hand made candles is looking for retailers, agents and distributors

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Summary Polish company with many years' experience of manufacturing luxury, decorative, scented candles. Their products are made by hand from high quality raw materials, including top quality wax and components, by highly skilled artisans. The company wants to export its products to foreign markets and is therefore looking for agents or distributors.
Description of the offer The company have been producing candles in Poland for many years. All their scented and decorative candles are made by hand from high quality raw materials. Candles are produced in twelve colours, each individually scented from a carefully selected suite of fragrances. These are made to the individual requests of customers. Each candle is formed using traditional methods in small batches. By using manual tools, the wax is kneaded and shaped. Each candle is thus unique and unrepeatable. Candles are made from mixture of natural wax, palm wax, beeswax, and hydrotreated paraffin wax. Inside are high-quality, organic cotton wicks, making candles burn cleanly and provide long-lasting fragrance. The company produces candles in many designs and fragrances but the main pattern in collection are flowers. They are available in three sizes and a wide variety of colours and scents. The new feature in the company's offer are scented candles in glass, produced in 14 scents and 4 glass colors. Total production capacity per month is usually between 55 to 70 thousand candles. In addition to manufacturing scented candles company offers : wax-poured candles with a scent chosen by the customer, their brand, logo and company name. After the analysis of chemical components of the fragrance sample provided by the customer, company can apply it to the candle model of the customer’s choosing. Candles are available in a wide range of containers of different shapes, sizes and colors. Their products are distributed in Poland and exported to foreign countries such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, USA, Korea. They are looking for retailers, distributors and sales agents for their products to expand their export activity.
Advantages and Innovations - 16 years of experience on the Polish and international market - a wide selection of handmade scented candles in many designs, sizes and scents - candles made to the individual requests of customers by using manual tools (each candle is thus unique and unrepeatable) - candles produced with the notification: "Manufactured in Poland exclusively for ...[company name]" or "Made in Poland & Made exclusively for …[ company name ]"
Market Keywords 07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004004 Housewares
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The ideal partner for cooperation would be agents or distributors, wholesalers or importers but the company is open to any proposal of cooperation. The offer is addressed both to small, regional retailers as well as major retail chains.
Date of creation 27.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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