Portuguese company owner of a brand of original products from Tuscany region is searching for trade intermediaries, through distribution services agreement.

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Summary Portuguese company from Madeira Island owner of a brand of original products from Tuscany region, such as salami, ham, sauces, sheep cheese, olive oil, wine and coffee, would like to sell its products abroad, through distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer This Portuguese company from Madeira Island was established in 2013. The owners are Italians residing in Madeira who realized that Italian food products were highly appreciated in the region, but that the offer of genuine Italian products was very scarce. As such, they saw this as a business opportunity and they opened a restaurant in Madeira, complemented with a store for sale original products from Tuscany region (birthplace of the partners and also of Leonardo da Vinci), like salami, ham, sauces, sheep cheese, olive oil, wine and coffee. The company also sells its products to regional hospitality and begins to take the first steps in e-commerce. The company purchases the products from Tuscany suppliers to ensure their authenticity, having a range of solid partnerships to ensure supplies. Based on this concept of product authenticity, the company has created a registered trademark with an associated image, which has a good level of acceptance in the regional market and by tourists visiting Madeira. Taking into account the receptivity of tourists to their products, coupled with the perception that in other countries it is also frequent to enjoy the Italian gastronomy, the company would like to expand its business selling its products abroad. For that, the company is looking for other companies to establish distribution services agreements. The intention through this type of partnership is to establish a long term commitment, on the one hand allowing this company to enter in new markets and expand its business, and on the other hand giving opportunity for potential partners to increase its range of products.
Advantages and Innovations Through this partnership, potential partners have the opportunity to increase its range of products, with original Italian products from Tuscany region, under a trademark which guarantees the origin of the products.
Market Keywords 07003001 Wine and liquors
07003002 Health food
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Copyright Trade Marks
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for other companies of any size, acting as distributors, which may be wholesalers/distributors of food products, grocery stores or supermarkets, to establish distribution services agreement. Potential partners can also be restaurants, hotels or catering companies, since these products can be used for preparing meals for sale.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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