Portuguese manufacturer of high-end and innovative bathrooms is looking for agents and distributors in Europe

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Summary A Portuguese designer, manufacturer and supplier of a large range of bathroom products from Porto (Portugal) is interested in widening its market by forming long-term partnerships with distributors and commercial agents. The company is also open to manufacturing agreements with European companies requiring a bespoke service.
Description of the offer The Portuguese company, established since 2014 and located in the North of Portugal, is a leading player in the design, manufacture and supply of high-end bathroom products. It has a large and extensive collection of exclusive, traditional and contemporary bath ware: bathrooms, taps, bathtubs, cabins and ceramic accessories. The company applies innovative solutions to product development. For example: - The ‘highflush’ is a new flushing system that allows continuous discharges without the cistern refilling and eliminates the toilet filling noise, among other features;  The development of a new ceramic material (waterproof, water repellent and anti-slip) will be of great importance for environments such as hospitals and schools and even for the pharmaceutical industry; - The creation of a solution to fill in the gap between chinaware and common stoneware reduced the weight of some pieces in half, increased resistance to fire glazing for a lifetime and turned the production of 6mm thick work pieces into reality. Dubai, Beirut, Madrid, London, Luanda and Abu Dhabi are among some of the renowned projects that the company has brought to life so far. The company wants to widen its sales network to Europe and is interested in finding experienced and reliable agents and distributors to promote and sell its products in other European countries. For European companies requiring bespoke services, the Portuguese company is open to signing a manufacturing agreement and using its in-house R&D team to develop new products.
Advantages and Innovations The company prides itself on its commitment to Portuguese manufacturing with a 100% national production; The company specializes in creative, practical and affordable solutions to everyday problems; Products are manufactured in house and hand finished by skilled and experienced craftsmen; All products go through a detailed in-house testing process to ensure quality; 20-year warranty for ceramics; The product range includes innovative, exclusive and patented products; Environment is a major issue for this company: among other investments, the highly efficient thermal insulation of the facilities helps the company solve energy-saving problems and an almost complete recovery of residues is obtained thanks to the production of plaster molds, the integration of processed ceramic residues in the manufacturing process and the reuse of wood and carton packaging.
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09004004 Hardware, plumbing supplies
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Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company seeks market penetration by forming long-term partnerships with agents and distributors. Well-developed trade contacts and strong distribution networks in the bathroom industry would be distinctive advantages for a long term cooperation. The company is also available to provide bespoke services by way of a manufacturing agreement, including R&D support.
Date of creation 27.03.2018
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