Research and development of nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics and medical devices

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Summary An Italian biochemical and pharmaceutical company specialised in developing, manufacturing and marketing of cutting-edge nutraceutical and dermaceutic products is looking for foreign partners interested in cooperating under commercial agreement with technical assistance or manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer Founded in 1978 in Piedmont Region (Northwest Italy), the biochemical and pharmaceutical company holds thirty years experience in research and development of highest quality nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics, dietary foods for special medical purposes and medical devices. Over the years, the company has worked with global renowed partners in research and development, manufacturing and sale of new medical treatments and solutions, both for its own account and for third party companies. In recent years, the company has completed its range with products that have been developed through innovative research and on the basis of new scientific relevance. The use of new technologies and botanical sources means that the formulations are increasingly able to meet the needs of people's health and wellbeing. The company is on the market with cutting edge products for different areas of intervention, focusing on the following product lines: • Phlebology: products for the cardiovascular system. • Gynaecology: products for women's problems and nutritional health supplements in pregnancy. • Lymphology: products for the lymphatic system. • General Medicine: products for the well-being of the organism in its various functions. • Orthopaedics / Diabetic Foot: products for the welfare of the foot of the diabetic patient. • Urology: products for the weel-being of the urinary tract and for promoting the physiological drainage of excess body fluids. • Skin cleansers: delicate products for daily hygiene and intimate well-being The different product lines are identified as systemic, topical and medical devices and are available in several different pharmaceutical formulations: • systemic products: hard and soft capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets, liquids in bottles, powder and liquid oral, etc.; • topical products: creams, gels, micro-emulsions, foams, sprays, talc, etc. • medical devices: vaginal capsules, pessaries, vagina douches, implantable devices (Class I, IIa, IIb and III according to European classification rules for medical devices, as set out in EU council directive 93/42/eec on medical devices) The company also develops products under request and on behalf of other pharmaceutical companies. This is the "service" product line: nutritional health supplements, skin cosmetics and medical devices, available on the market either under the company's brand or the name of the purchasing customer. The company is currently striving to increase its foreign quota by further cooperating with foreign cosmeceutics, nutraceutics and pharmaceutics partners. For this reason, cooperation is sought both for the co-development of new products, under manufacturing agreement, and on existing products, through commercial agreement with technical assistance. More in particular, the company is thus available for research and co-development of tailor-made products under manufacturing agreement. In this case, the company will provide deep know-how and professionalism in the development and manufacturing of new products, according to client's needs. In case of commercial agreements with technical assistance, the company will provide selected partners with personalized support and assistance to integrate the products in the new market.
Advantages and Innovations All products, rigorously manufactured in Italy, are 100% gluten free in food supplements and dermatologically tested in cosmetics. Quality checks are done for every single batch, before entering the market. The company is characterized by its use of extremely rigorous methods of scientific research, innovative technologies and certified manufacturing processes throughout its production of health products coming from original extracts and quality dermocosmetics. In partnership with leading European companies, the company produced numerous patents, biochemical and biotechnological matrices, extensively used in several countries around the world today, such as Italy, Portugal, Russia, Cyprus. The company has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management system since 2008 and has always made cutting edge scientific research and product quality a priority, through continuous improvement in inner R%26D, manufacturing processes and finished products. The company is registered with the Italian Ministry of Health.
Technological Keywords 03004007 Pharmaceutics
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05008002 Food and feed ingredients
07003002 Health food
07004002 Health and beauty aids
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Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is interested in getting in touch with companies active in pharmaceutic, cosmeceutic and nutraceutic markets, willing to increase the quality and effectiveness of their nutritional health and medical supply, while optimizing their investments, methods and time of production. Potential partners should be interested either in co-developing new products to be distributed under their own label, or distributing existing products in their country, being provided with personalized training and support.
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