Romanian company providing custom advanced IT technical training and coaching is offering its services to EU corporations / SMEs

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Summary A Romanian SME offers technical training and coaching to programmers and management staff within SMEs but also multinationals in various sectors (ICT, financial, manufacturing, biotech etc.) The aim is to support them make better use of latest programming technologies and best practices to enable greater productivity, The company seeks new partnerships with such companies under service agreements, but also with other training/coaching providers under outsourcing / subcontracting agreements.
Description of the offer An SME from the West Region of Romania, established in 2014, is offering technical trainings and coaching to programmers and technical managers within various multinationals in Romania (IT and financial services). The main goal is to increase their performance and productivity. The companies’ portfolio covers the following technologies: • Java: - Java (introduction, medium and advanced levels) - JDBC and JPA - Design patterns - Clean coding - Spring framework – intro, medium and advanced - Spring Boot - Spring cloud / micro-services - JavaEE - Continuous integration and continuous delivery, using Maven and Jenkins • Git • JavaScript: - AngularJS – all versions (1, 2, 4 and 5) - ReactJS - Polymer • HTML and CSS • Web security • DevOps - Amazon Services (AWS) integration - Developing an internal cloud architecture based on LXD containers • Agile methodologies: - Scrum - Kanban The trainings are aiming to increase the programming and architectural knowledge of the developers for improved technical performance, problem solving capabilities and efficiency overall. The trainings are delivered on the client’s premises. They are organized as 50% theoretical notions and 50 hands-on exercises, using up to date versions for all the presented technologies, as well as useful examples and best practices. The presented materials are available online, enabling training / coaching attendees to access them anytime, and in the latest version updated by the company. The trainings can be delivered one-to-one, to small groups or large groups depending on the level of specialization of the audience and desired outcomes. Each training and / or coaching engagement is preceded by an assessment discussion / session, so that we can customize the content and the approaching according to the client’s and team’s context and needs. Duration of the training varies from a couple of days, to couple of weeks with possibility for recurrence. The trainings are customized to the specific needs of the company and usually consist of a lecturing part and practical exercises. Furthermore, the company complements its trainings with coaching services: - one-to-one technical coaching for developers and team leaders - coaching to improve development operations by addressing the most common business / technology barrier between technical staff and middle to top management The 2 services are provided independently, so potential partners could choose just one of them or both, simultaneously or in a sequence, and with preferred frequency. The company is interested in establishing long term service agreements with EU companies looking for technical training and coaching providers, but also with other enterprise training providers looking to expand their service portfolio or trainers team, either under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.
Advantages and Innovations The company’s expertise relies on over 10 years of experience in teaching, consulting and building products based on enterprise projects using Spring technologies. The trainings are addressed to SMEs and companies that want to upgrade their know-how on software architecture and / or wish to train their internal teams on specific software architecture technologies and best practices for increased performance. The main benefits of the technical trainings, for the developers and their employers, are the following: • Concise and refined information on the presented topics (the most relevant information to the interests and needs of the audience) • Hands-on experience in various sized enterprise architectures • Up to date versions, examples, use-cases and best practices The main benefits of the coaching activities are: • Customized support and assistance on: - Improving the project’s adherence to the continuous integration and continuous delivery practices - Improving the project’s code base, by performing carefully analyzed: refactoring, cleanups, software architecture changes • Bridging the knowledge and understanding gap between the various roles from software development teams (team managers, technology and team leaders, developers, quality assurance and business analysts •Thorough technical, team structure and business analysis on the future software development of a project The company successfully delivered highly customized, hands-on trainings for enterprise level companies committed to using latest Java tools and technologies (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and micro-services) to companies ranging from 10 employees to more than one thousand employees. All the delivered trainings were highly appreciated and their results have been seen (in the projects).
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Type and Role of Partner Sought Partnerships envisaged are: 1. Long term service agreements with: - Corporations with own software development / testing departments, regardless of their activity sectors (IT, Telecom, Financial, Medical, Biotech, Automotive, Transport, etc.) with constant development workflows for which optimization and adoption of newest technologies is essential - ICT companies, especially SMEs shifting to the next development phase (i.e. from project based to scaling business) and undergo organizational changes which the company could support with a mix of trainings, technical coaching and / or executive coaching to ensure smooth transition 2. Outsourcing agreements with other technical training providers in need of outsourcing some of their contracts 3. Subcontracting from other specialized training delivery companies with no in-house IT expertise, to complement their services to their clients.. In all of the above types of collaboration, the ideal end beneficiaries should be employees of medium / large companies which intend to: • continuously improve the technical know-how • continuously improve the reliability of their software projects and their underlying infrastructure The company always establishes the curricula, training materials and methods depending on the objectives and time frame established with its clients. Partners are required to establish the staff taking part in the trainings and / or coaching sessions, allocate appropriate time for training and development for selected employees, and ensure on-promise logistics. The company offers a free assessment session for each potential engagement, for the purpose of tailoring the services according to specific needs.
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