Romanian company specialised in wood-based and wood laminated furniture and joinery is interested in cooperating with international partners under a manufacturing agreement.

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Summary A Romanian company with long standing experience in the field of wood-based and wood laminated carpentry and custom-made furniture would like to collaborate with partners from abroad on the basis of a manufacturing agreement. Partners are sought regardless of their country of origin.
Description of the offer The Romanian company specialises in the production of wood-based interior and exterior doors, wood-based home and office furniture and wood-based houses on American-Canadian structure and design. In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment and machinery for wood processing and finishing, the company also has generous spaces for the storage of the materials, the semi-finished items and the final products and its own installation of wood drying, so that they can ensure the perfect preservation of the materials used, regardless of weather conditions. The company has a team of twenty experienced professionals in wood processing and finishing. The management of the company adheres to a policy of flexibility, easily adapting to the preferences of their clients and to the peculiarities of each design. The company would like to internationalise its business and partner up with other companies from abroad on the basis of a manufacturing agreement. In doing so, the company hopes to expand its client portfolio, enter new markets and be able to invest more in new, modern equipment and machinery, in the specialisation of the employees and its continuous development.
Advantages and Innovations The company manufactures exclusively wood-based and wood laminated (linden, oak, ash, beech) joinery and furniture according to the preferences, choices and design of its clients. The company produces custom-made products only; all final products are unique pieces of furniture, created based solely on the ideas of the customers. The company has its own workshop where the wood is dried and processed in excellent conditions and in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Woodworking machines and technical equipment include everything from moulding, cutting and gluing machinery, to profiling and jointing machinery. The company also disposes of a large palette of water-based colours clients can choose from (no chemicals are used during the colouring process).
Market Keywords 07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture
09004002 Office furniture and other professional furnishings
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is interested in long-term cooperation with international partners in need of custom-made home and/ or office furniture. The partners should provide the furniture manufacturer with detailed information regarding preferred materials, design, deadlines and cost thresholds in due time, before the process of product processing is initiated.
Date of creation 29.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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