Romanian language centre specialised in English and German online classes would like to cooperate with foreign partners on the basis of a services agreement.

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary A Romanian private centre specialised in the provision of online English and German language courses for children, teenagers and adults is interested in collaborating with international partners under a services agreement. Partners are sought regardless of their country of origin.
Description of the offer The Romanian language centre specialises in the delivery of English and German classes for different age groups. Natural and legal persons and groups may benefit from these services either by visiting the centre directly, or by choosing the online language service, which allows them to study their language of choice remotely. In addition to general German language classes (by means of which students accumulate general knowledge and vocabulary that they can use for their studies, in their profession or for personal development), the centre also specialises in classes of German for doctors and medical staff. These courses are only available on request. Full packages include in this case translation services as well. All classes are personalised, depending on the preferences, needs and schedule of each student. They are jointly thought of to adhere to the principle of diversity in communication and learning and they are conceived to guarantee a both efficient and comfortable step-by-step learning process. The language centre is British Council partner and “addvantage member” and organises Cambridge English exams for children, teenagers and adults. The centre also offers online exam preparation courses, as well as counselling. All Cambridge teaching aids and the audio-visual support are included in the online language service. The centre would like to cooperate with international companies under a services agreement. The centre is interested in acting as language provider to private and public companies, education bodies and institutions and businesses that require general and specialist language training for different aged groups. By offering its online language services to international partners, the company has the opportunity to enter new markets, expand beyond local and national borders and increase its client portfolio. In return, potential partners can enjoy the advantage of cost-efficient, tailored language service provision.
Advantages and Innovations All language courses are specifically adapted to the online teaching environment. Consequently, all accompanying teaching aids are selected to match the requirements of professional, high-quality delivery of online content. Likewise, language instructors receive particular training, in order to be able to flawlessly assist students throughout their entire learning period. In terms of content and duration, the online language courses are purposefully designed and constantly developed to meet the specific needs of the students, their objectives regarding certain levels of language acquisition, their ambitions concerning the achievement of certain language results (e.g. some students may need to pass certain language examinations in order to enter higher education), as well as their time constraints (some classes are created for a long-term, gradual learning process, while others are created for a short-term, intensive learning process). Additionally, all courses are based on the “multi-age teaching and learning” concept, which means that learning content and methodology are adapted for different age groups and that language instructors aim at developing sets of age-appropriate skills. Language classes for children and teenagers make use of creative learning methods which combine precision and imagination, while language classes for adults focus exclusively on the particular, professional or personal needs of the individuals. Lastly, but not least, in order to attain high performance in terms of online class delivery, the company is equipped with state-of-the-art computer and Internet technology which helps reduce to a minimum interferences and connectivity problems.
Market Keywords 07005004 Education and educational products and materials
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type/ field of activity of partner sought: the company is interested in concluding services agreements with international partners such as private and public bodies, i.e. education and cultural facilitators, businesses, governmental institutions, SMEs and/ or training providers that seek specific English and German language services. Role of partner sought: partners are expected to provide the language centre with accurate information about their particular needs, interests and expectations related to course content, length, delivery and type of certification sought for. The company accepts short, medium or long-term collaborations, depending on what the demanding party have in mind.
Date of creation 26.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
Profile from EEN Y

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