Serbian innovative solution for electric guitars for improving dynamics for distortion effects seeks partners through financial, agency or license agreement

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Summary A Serbian company has developed a device that removes the defects in the sound of the electric guitar over which the distortion is applied. The advantages with respect to the existing solutions are the intensity of the tone is controlled by a musician who is able to perform the sections with different dynamics as well as the integration of additional effects. The company is interested in license, financial, and commercial agency agreement.
Description of the offer A Serbian company was established in 2017. The core of the team has experience in the academic research work on multiple national and EU funded projects during which two team members defended PhD thesis in the signal processing domain. They worked together on the healthcare start-up which is selected by Startup Bootcamp acceleration programme 2016 and has growing base of users. It has two electrical engineers dealing with analogue and digital sound processing and holds doctorates in telecommunications and signal processing, academic artist, mechanical engineer and economist. Everyone in the company is dealing with music, although everyone does not play guitar they are very familiar with the problems of sounding and recording electric guitar in several music genres as well as in various circumstances such as studio recording, live performances, bine (stage) sounds, etc. In the company there are also a number of previous collaborations in research and industrial projects both at home (in the country) and abroad. It attended several courses in the country and abroad and has experience with another startup that records progress and attracts the interest of an increasing number of users and potential associates. Electrical engineers deals with technical improvements and realization. On the device casing design and realize deals mechanical engineer and academic artist who prepares and promotes materials. Everyone in the company is active on the promotion as well as further improvements. Employees functions as well as a band with rare public appearances but whenever time permits they meet and play for their soul. The company has developed a guitar effect that provides unique possibilities and corrects some of the major shortcomings of the electric guitar. Electric guitar is very often associated with rock music and distorted snarl sound. For many people rock music is hard for listening. One of the main reasons is precisely (exactly) the dominant influence of a distorted guitar in sound. Three basic features that describe musical tones: height (pitch), color (timbre) and intensity, but guitarist can only control the first two when using standard distortions, while the intensity practically cannot be influenced by playing. The consequence is that the guitar in the mix is at a constant high level without dynamics. With these characteristics the use of guitar is very limited only to certain genres. With the company’s innovative improvements the sound of the distorted electric guitar gets dynamics and may have more general application in many music genres and provide a new dimension of the expression to guitarists. Promotion and branding are the company’s priority tasks for winning a share in the market of professional musical equipment. The company is interested to attract a partner through a financial agreement that would enable the funds needed to conquer new markets in the form of marketing, presentations, presence in targeted markets and education of potential users. For a monetary investment the company would provide a share in the company. The owners would transfer to the company all intellectual property rights which are currently in the know-how form, with the aim of further protection in the relevant markets. The company is interested also in commercial agreement. It will provide devices as well as promotional material in various forms such as detail videos which will provide usage details as well as possibilities and advantages/benefits of its solutions. The company is looking for partners through license agreement. Further protection of intellectual property is especially important to the company to be able to sell the license. Due to the duration of the patenting procedure after filing (submission) the patent application, which is not in the interest of a partner who would purchase a license, by agreeing the company would define the price of the license, i.e. royalty fee that would allow for proper patenting
Advantages and Innovations • The novelty is in automatic, controlled algorithm of introducing dynamics in a guitar distortion (distortion and overdrive). The introducing of dynamics is achieved intuitively – by changing the intensity of playing. In its device other frequently used effects for guitar such as compressor and limiter of noise (noise gate) are embedded. The additional effects are connected in a way that do not interfere the output dynamics, while for example the external compressor would significantly degrade possibilities for introducing of dynamics. • Available limitation of noise is adapted for modern distortions (high gain) and therefore it is realized on the output signal. • One of the key advantages of the innovation is that it is only solution that brings dynamics into the output, distorted sound of electric guitar. The musical tone is described by height (pitch), color (timbre) and intensity. Due to their principle of work the existing distortions cannot provide a change in the intensity (dynamics) of the sound that would result from the change in the intensity of the playing i.e. twitching of the wires. The lack of dynamics significantly limits the possibilities of using of electric guitar to only certain genres, but in broad application it may often be undesirable in the mix as an instrument that with an aggressive tone takes a wide range of mid tones, and whose intensity is at constant high level, as it will mask all other instruments and disrupt the dynamics of the entire track. • The application enables new dimension of expression, the company called it the third dimension of musical expression with the first two heights (pitch) and color of tone (timbre). • It has engineers who have experience in research work as well as in work on the startup which was selected by the Startup Bootcamp accelerator.
Current Stage of Development More devices have been realized and tested by different users (different ages, genres, music experience). Comments were considered and appreciated in later versions of the device. Comments were of aesthetic, practical to use up to technical.
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Market Keywords 07001006 Music, records, production and instruments
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Copyright Secret Know-how
Comments Regarding IPR Status The company believes that know-how at this moment provides with sufficient protection due to the speed at which the copying takes place, the necessary time and money for patenting as well as the time it takes for the market to win. The company considers the patenting necessary for deeper cooperation with partners who would be interested in the license.
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Financial Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type: industry Activity: Companies engaged in the production and distribution of music equipment, music houses (companies), investing Role: Within the framework of a financial contract, from partners the company is looking for funds for the promotion, presence, distribution of innovative solutions to the markets of Europe and the USA. For cooperation involving a license it is necessary to protect intellectual property at least by patent application after which the company would have a year to provide patenting in the appropriate countries. Due to the time duration of the patenting process, which does not suit also for the partner, from the partners would arrange the funds and conditions for the transfer of the license i.e. royalty fee. Distribution and promotion of the company’s solutions is expected from partners.
Date of creation 10.05.2018
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