Serbian manufacturer of aesthetic hi-end amplifiers seeks commercial agents

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Summary A Serbian company has been producing handmade hi-end amplifiers since 2005 as a step further in the reproduction of music and design. One of the reasons that the company started this product was aclient’s need for a unique amplifier, using exceptionally rare parts, for producing distinctive sound. The special production techniques give the feeling of listening to live music, with all the warmth and fine nuances of sound. The company is looking for partners through a commercial agency agreement.
Description of the offer A Serbian company was established in 2005. It started as regular tube amp manufacturer. After period of experiments the company has been oriented to design in combination with rare materials that give unique and luxury part of every interior. Thanks to the design that adapts to the customer's wishes amplifiers complement and enrich the interior providing a personal touch, as for example the amplifier manufactured for buyer from Swiss who is architect of one of most beautiful bridge in Geneve. This amplifier is made from walnut wood 20 years old natural dried and polished with oil finish. Also main part of top cover is leather coated. Leather has special finish which main role is to protect from heat. Also except design effect leather itself is insulator that keeps electronic inside cold. Main parts of electronics are oversized for durability and stability during work. Tubes are from special edition series made in USA. Aluminum parts are polished to high gloss. Amplifier is made in push pull technology that keeps origin natural tube sound and also maximum power as possible. Special technics in construction deliver sound like man is in front of musician. The company is looking for partners through commercial agency agreement. The company will offer luxury designed case for transport of amplifiers and also some helpful ideas for promotion. The company has already prepared a web presentation and can arrange transport for USA and U.K.
Advantages and Innovations The company has following advantages: ● the company has twelve years of experience in the industry ● the product is combination of luxury, design and natural sound ● the product is not easily replicated
Market Keywords 09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type: industry Activity: distributors or agents dealing with music and design Role: it is expected from the partner to have good connections with yacht manufactures, interior design companies, music studios, furniture manufactures, car manufactures, etc. in order to represent the company’s product.
Date of creation 10.05.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact N
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