Spanish Coffee Company looking for distributors within Europe.

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Summary The Spanish company based in the Baleriac Island is a micro coffee company specializing in high quality beans, the company would like to expand their business and presently seek distribution companies for their brand within Europe. The company is interested in Distribution Services Agreement.
Description of the offer The Spanish Coffee company was established in the year 2004 in Palma de Mallorca. The coffee blends both 100% arabics and robustas and made with selected superior beans, carefully roasted so the final result is coffee that is exceptionally smooth and balanced; using about using 7 grams of an appropriate excellent medium grain ground coffee with 30 ml of water at 92ºC, which ensures a smooth, not too processed espresso. A good base of espresso also leads to a divine cappuccino or latte, with velvety milk vaporized, elaborated with the same detail. Started not only with higher grain coffee, but with grains that come from the "Rain Forest Alliance" farms. The company would like to collaborate with distributors that appreciate quality as much they do. The company is looking for Distribution Services Agreement.
Advantages and Innovations -Since the coffee is roasted in small and controlled quantities it guarantees that each bag is at the highest level of freshness and quality. - high flexibility according to customer needs - solid and growing customer base - frequent orders in long term contracts - 15 years of market experience
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought This Spanish company seeks to establish business relationships with European partners under distribution services agreement. Offer clients information and courses for certified baristas, so that the art of making coffee can continue to be maintained.
Date of creation 16.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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