Spanish company offers an innovative service for solving any engineering challenge through a worldwide engineering community

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Summary A Spanish company offers a service that provides innovative engineering solutions to any company facing an engineering challenge. For this purpose, the company has created a growing worldwide community of 7500+ engineers with different specialties (mechanical, electrical, robotics, IoT…).Once a challenge has been defined, the community starts working in order to provide the best solution and to reach a detailed and well-defined proposal. The kind of partnership sought is services agreement
Description of the offer It is very common that many companies from all over the world, face different complex engineering challenges that are difficult to solve, which causes projects delays and loss of efficiency. In order to address this kind of challenges, the Spanish company was founded in 2014 by a team with a strong engineering background. The company has developed an innovative service for solving engineering challenges from any sector. The challenge is disseminated among highly qualified professionals worldwide who have solutions to propose, thanks to the growing community of 7500+ multidisciplinary engineers (mechanical, electrical, robotics, IoT,…) created by the Spanish company. The approach is to keep the challenge at task in the centre, and build around it, a solution that fits the problem needs. Each time a new solution is built, rather than having a standard portfolio of solutions to offer. The methodology is based on the following interactive multi-round approach: 1) In a first round a higher level of solution is presented and usually 30-40 different solutions are proposed. The interaction with solvers guarantees the quality of the proposals and the existence of the minimum elements required to decide which of the proposals fit better to the purpose. 2) The 5-6 solutions that pass to round 2, are then developed into details and improved with the feedback received from the client and the Spanish company. Finalists are decided by the client with the Spanish company support. 3) Only 1-3 solutions pass to round 3 where further customizations are provided as well as prototypes, tests, … (if required). The Spanish company offers not only challenge resolution but also other services such as: -Workshops for challenge identification and prioritization. -Internal competitions to gather ideas and proposals from employees. -Tech scouting, connection with start-ups, … The Spanish company is looking for worldwide industrial partners with engineering challenges difficult to solve willing to cooperate under services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations -It helps companies solve their engineering problems with public (or private) tournaments with a number of resolution cycles that can be as short as one (tech scouting) or multiple (progressive resolution of complex problems) -Powerful network is formed by 7500+ talented engineers from 50+ countries. -This methodology provides an unlimited pool of talent that helps to solve ongoing problems or opportunities. -Companies can access technical skills that are not present in their companies (or in their usual suppliers) or simply open a window of fresh air and use the experience coming from other sectors and countries. -The main differential characteristic is being a community of engineers that work for other engineers providing complete, detailed and feasible solutions / projects rather than ideas or drafts that need further development in order to be applied. -It is suitable for engineering challenges from any sector and projects: Process optimization, cost and time reduction, logistics optimization, energy savings, water recovery,…
02010002 Engineering
09003001 Engineering services
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Spanish company is looking for worldwide industrial companies or utilities (energy, oil & gas, automotive, steel and other metals, construction, manufacturing,…) willing to innovate and improve its processes and products by the solution of engineering challenges under a services agreement.
Date of creation 10.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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