Spanish company offers organic jams and gourmet sauces under distribution agreements

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Summary A Spanish company is specialised in the production, packaging and commercialisation of a wide range of organic jams and gourmet sauces. In particular, they offer handcrafted apricot, strawberry, fig, bitter orange and tomato organic jams as well as gourmet tomato sauce. The company is looking for distributors to commercialise its products in Europe and beyond.
Description of the offer A Spanish company is devoted to the traditional production of high quality organic jams of different flavours as well as gourmet sauces. Besides the regular formats, the company offers mini-jars for individual consumption. The apricot, strawberry, fig, bitter orange and tomato organic jams contain limited added sugar in order to strengthen the fruits’ taste, whereas the gourmet tomato sauce does not contain sugar nor gluten. All jams and sauces are produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Indeed, the company does not use any preservatives or additives but new products developed by them as preservatives, which are based in natural products such as chickpeas or red beans. Currently, the company is selling its products in the Spanish market and it has some experience at international level, mainly in Portugal. The company is looking for distributors from the food sector able to introduce the company’s products in European and non-European organic markets and gourmet shops.
Advantages and Innovations The main advantage of the company is that, due to the fact they offer handcrafted products in small volume, they are able to offer high quality products, with a clear commitment towards markets which have a strict approach to the quality and natural origin of food. The products and the methods for its manufacturing comply with the standards of organic farming.
Technological Keywords 08001004 Food Processing
Market Keywords 07002005 Other retailing
07003002 Health food
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Copyright Trade Marks
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought - Type of partner sought: Distributors of food products. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Organic markets, gourmet shops. - Task to be performed: Distribution and commercialisation of the company’s products.
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